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  • From Patty and Ken Eisenbraun
    An ongoing monthly donation in honor of the rescue volunteers who step up, every day, to help with the rescue and re-homing of Airedales. It is also a donation in honor of some very special people who have 'mentored' me while learning the workings of rescue; Lynda Dziedzic, Katherine Key, Annette Hall and Rita Ferrer.
  • Rose McAuliffe - an ongoing monthly donation with matching contribution from her employer, American Express
  • Dr. Christie Williams, who donated another of her designs for the 2005 holiday card.
  • Barbara Osgood Designs
  • Millie Strong, Virginia
  • Ann Curran -- from the sale of Superdale Cards in Great Britain
  • Florence Zittel
  • Barbara McDonald
  • Creighton Beddow
  • Michael Doherty -- To honor the 50th wedding anniversary of Jack Beal and Sondra Freckelton.
  • Tom & CeCe Bolz
  • Kathleen Fisher - Zeus--the best-- still miss you, Buddy
  • Claudia Cavin
  • To Arthur Bernstein - In loving memory of your sweet boy, Max. He had a wonderful life with his family. We understand your sadness and hope that happier memories bring comfort to you. With love, Helene, Steve and Family
  • To Evelyn & Maggie -- In memory of your beloved "Dr. Mac" -- From Sidney
  • Patricia McGee
  • Eileen McElroy - In memory of George McElroy Senior of Chicago
  • James Cook
  • In memory of Lucy Vogel
  • In memory of Jake Sprankle
  • Christine Lamb - In loving memory of sweet Jake and June Dutcher, the wonderful lady who allowed me to give him a home.
  • Charles Mauzé - In memory of Zachary Mauzé
  • Michael Krulik - In honor of Winchester, an Airedale and member of the Larry Taube and Dennis Dingler family
  • Amy Stewart
  • Missy Duschak - Merry Christmas
  • Tom & Holly - In memory of Wolfie. Happy Holidays, Wayne & Laura
  • Ken & Karyn Bauer
  • Charlotte Lahar - Memorial Contribution in remembrance of "Lucy" beloved Airedale friend and companion of: Philip, Anne, Nicholas and Rebecca Lahar of Vienna, VA
  • Matthew Roeber - Take good care of the Airedales
  • Susan & Alex Harris - In honor of Bob & Robyn Silverberg's 50th Wedding Anniversary
  • Andrea Denninger - Friends of Airedales Memorial Fund
  • Giesla Hoelscher - In honor of Bryllo, who made us laugh every day of her 14 years with us. We miss you.
  • Jann Rogers - Donation in memory of Newman Hardy
  • Ann J. Adams - In Honor of Daisy Salva
  • Donations in memory of Lawrence (Clint) Alcott of Tesuque, NM
  • Donations to the Senior Airedales Fund in memory of Miss Madeleine (Madie, The Princess)
  • Bill Black (Marvin and Clyde), Florida
  • Amanda Corey - I have a 7 yr old Airedale, Sophia, and she is the sweetest and most precious thing in my life. I would like to help others just like Sophia!
  • Kim Nuzzo
  • Dorothy Duff - Senior Airedales Fund in memory of Clio Holzwarth
  • Ohio River Valley Airedale Terrier Club - in memory of Ann Maddox
  • Donors to Matilda's Surgery Fund
  • Lynn Smith, Georgia - Senior Airedales Fund
  • Marilyn Zambuto - General Fund
  • Sharon Dantzig - In Memory of Duchess Shkolnik
  • Gwendolyn Briley and the Staff of the Pink Pony -- In Memory of Thomas Payne
  • To Cindy Clausen -- In Memory of Henry Clausen, beloved dog and friend -- From Bryan & Sarah Erwin
  • Catherine Biersack
  • Donations in memory of Nancy Greig Nance
  • Judy Burke - In honor of Don "Happy Birthday, Korana"
  • Paula Falk
  • The Humes Family - In Memory of Harry Ballman
  • The Burcham and Saner Families -- In Memory of Gable Stronberg
  • William and Patricia Hayes - to the Senior Airedale Rescue Fund in honor of Kramer the senior Rescue
  • Mare Moore - for the Seniors Fund and for the Rolling for Rescue campaign
  • E. D and Claudia Cavin - Wherever most needed
  • Tami Cassel, Monica Pino, Christina Neff, Bridget Stauring and Jill Williams - in memory of Crosby
  • E. D. and Claudia Cavin - Senior Airedale Fund
  • Donations In Memory of Riley Hardie
  • Cheryl J. Brown - Donation to Ollie's Surgery Fund in memorium for my beloved Airedale, Copper, and in memory of Airedale Wishbone, from my new 'Dale, Wolf. Thank you.
  • Lynn & Jeff Wallace - In honor of Sandy & Tom Pesota -- Thank you for all of your Airedale Rescue work!
  • Lydia Ross - In Memory of Fiona, Boomer and Izzy
  • Kim Nuzzo
  • M. E. Moore - In honor of April McLean
  • Mary & Walt Reams - In Memory of Salsa (1996-2006)

  • The Wonderful Bees of the Airedale Quilting Bee, who create masterpieces and donate the profits to Airedale Rescue. Click here to view the quilts
  • Contributors to the 2006 Senior Airedales Fundraiser
  • The Airedale-L Book Fund - a steady fundraiser for many years
  • Supporters of Rolling for Rescue
  • Art for Airedales - Artists who donate a portion of their earnings for the benefit of homeless Airedales
  • ATCA members who donated to Airedale Rescue along with their 2005-2006 dues
  • Donors to the Katrina Fund
  • Myrna Whatmough - for donating the beautiful Silver Paws
  • Donors to the Pirata Fund
  • Memorials and Tributes
  • Nan Hamilton -- for so many things -- our logo and the Airedale in a Heart design for the pins and cards


If you have made a donation to the ATCA Rescue & Adoption Committee (or National Airedale Rescue, Inc.) and your name is not listed, please email the webmaster We appreciate and want to acknowledge every donation.

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This will take you to the page that is your source for Safety Issues regarding Airedales.  This would include anything that could affect your Airedale as a member of your family or rescue efforts of Airedales.   Read more >>


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