OK friends, I need a reminder. Tell me again why we can't live without these Airedales. The "best" Airedale activity today was Baron eating the roll of paper towels while I was cleaning up from Bristol's incident. CeCe - and her out-of-control barking - is a subject I won't even approach.   Christine


Life is Merrier with An Airedale Terrier???

What's life like living with an Airedale Terrier"
asked my sister in law while sitting on her derrière
Well said I, with a twinkle in my eye
"it just couldn't get much merrier"

"How so", she asked
"Just watch", I laughed
And tossed a squeeky toy in air
Sam lept to his feet and as if on a dare
Quickly snatched the fuzzy bear

In formidable jaws of death,
wildly racing about the house, not returning til out of breath,
He squeeked that bruin until it would squeek no more
Finally dropping the slimed and desqueeked toy upon the floor.

Looking up at me with heart-melting eyes
He then stood pleading...throw another, yes, throw another prize
And.......suddenly I came up with a wicked guise,
First I taunted, laughed and teased,
eventually hiding the new toy up my sleeve

Sam looked and looked, behind my back, at my hands
Down toward the end of the room he ran
then back to me and down to the end of the room again
quizzically he looked in the air..... could it be caught on the ceiling fan?

Puzzled, eyes pleading, he stood watching.... still as a statue
And all the while I'm cockedly thinking... yippee...I've scored a coup
Untrue, untrue, untrue, totally untrue....
because my oh so smart aire-boy
had by now zeroed in on a more accessible toy.....
.....my new Nike shoe!!!

Can you hear my sister in law laughing????

Jeanne & The Desert'dales


Because they are cute, fuzzy, some of them are cuddly, they are smart (outsmart us a lot of times), funny, scared of storms and have to be held (mothering instinct in us), stubborn, willful - guess that's the same as stubborn. There is no other breed in the world quite like an Airedale! And we can't live without them. Does that help?   Bobbi


While I was gone last week, my guys shredded a major newspaper in the living room (it's ALWAYS the living room) one afternoon. A few days later they destroyed their sixth (in two years) dog bed, as in: bite the zipper off so the cover can't be used again unless you sew (I don't) and can put in another zipper, assuming the fabric isn't too damaged (but it was), shred the stuffing and spread it all over the living room floor (for a summer blizzard effect) and smile innocently when the alpha male (as Maureen would say) comes home.

What would we ever do for quality entertainment without them?? Does this help?   Elizabeth


Well, I've come to determine our reason for having an Airedale is so that we wouldn't need a paper shredder for our documents ... both Piper and Abbey LOVE to shred any paper they get their teeth on. Today I came home to find our newspaper shredded on the living room floor and sofa. Mind you, the dogs were not loose alone, our son and daughter were home doing their thing. No need to prune the plants outside, either. Abbey just runs or walks by and picks off the low branches on the Rose of Sharon, ornamental grasses and even dead-heads flowers. But there is also time when they are the most loving, cuddling, couch potatoes you can ask for.   Marie

Well, I don't own an Airedale anymore. I had to find a home for my Zoe when my husband's allergies just became too much. Luckily, I found a wonderful couple who adore her (as is proper) and we have become good friends.

So, here's what I miss about NOT owning an Airedale:

Her goofy smile when I came home in the evening. The way her tail would wag so hard her back end started coming in a semi-circle to the front. Her habit of coming up to ask for some attention by putting both paws in my lap and then leaning in for a long cuddle. How she slept on her bed with a cat and never minded sharing. Walks through the neighborhood and people stopping me to tell me how beautiful she was (and a lot of "what kind of dog is that?"); one time someone offered to buy her. Not a chance. Watching her grow from a 6-month-old, hairy, goofy puppy to a 70-pound, classically beautiful Airedale, with some moments of dignity and a big sense of humor. The way she stopped on walks to give me a nose-poke so I wouldn't forget she was there.

Yeah, she chewed a couple rugs and the legs of a hutch. I lost count of the number of beds I bought for her so she could use them as big chew toys. Cleaning up the yard was no treat, and trying to dry her beard after a big drink of water was always a challenge. And then there were the bills associated with a dog: grooming, vet's, doggie day care and replacement beds.

But I would take her back in a second if I could and put up with everything if I could own an Airedale again. As it is, I walk the Airedale Terrier Rescue & Adoption dogs that land at my local vet and transport 'dales who need a ride to a new, better home. But it's not the same and you know it. So, I know you're just exasperated after an Airedale kind of day, but I had to weigh in with why I would take that kind of a day if I could. Then, I would sit down with a drink and contemplate what makes me put up with these big, hairy, goofy, charming dogs ... it must be love.   Ellen

Because they make us laugh and bring out the love from the deepest part of our heart of hearts - there's just nothing like that kind of love. There's that wonderful unique bond and kinship that knows no bounds. They make my world complete. And they ground us in this day and age of chaos.   Kat


Because they make us smile every day. Sophie has a UTI and thus had to wear diapers for a few days -- this doesn't faze her. However, I left her recent diaper by the door -- it is clean ... and today she was barking at me while I was in the basement to come up ... and she goes and picks up her diaper and tosses it in the air. That made me smile.   Deb


They are Reality TV at work in our homes. The best entertainment around even if they drive us a bit bonkers at times. Those people who produce these silly reality TV programs should come visit some of us; they'd get a dose of a day in the life of living with Airedales.   Jeanne

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