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You can't help but laugh when you're sitting at the dining room table after supper and a 70 pound Airedale is trying to get into your guest's lap, or when they want you to get up so they slam into the mattress and rub all the way down. And their favorite: bearded dogs that have had sardines for supper, then drink a gallon of water (saved in their beards) coming your direction, when you're dressed to go out for supper.   Glenda


Because they make us laugh and have short tails and we stay grounded with humor.

I had my sister's Lab here for a week. It was a dog I rescued and gave to them five years ago. He is a lovely boy - tall, long and lanky. Ball crazy and great for her boys. I could not live with a lab. He is a couch potato until he hears "Ball"; he doesn't really "play" like an Airedale; and that tail! He wags it constantly and sweeps literally everything at that height. All my outdoor planters have bashed flowers. Tables are cleaned off and doors are whacked hard. He is not a clown he does some funny things-like say "Mom".

He is not a thinking dog...couldn't find his way out of a paper bag if he tried....but sweet and loving.  Alice tried to tell him she was hot on the trail of a rat and he should come along--nope he sat down and looked around not a clue there was scent of anything....until he spotted his ball. LOL Give me a thinking, clownish, playful vermin-hunting Airedale any day.   Lydia



I love the fact that these dogs think for themselves! I know that it is a full

time job reminding them that we are boss, but I like that. My brother-in-law has two golden retrievers because he wanted dogs that do not challenge him, they just follow him blindly. Don't get me wrong, that breed is a wonderful, beautiful dog for those that like that personality, but I prefer my Airegirl - she has a mind of her own and likes to tease. She outsmarts those dogs all of the time and I love to watch her thinking and carrying out her plan. She has learned everything that I have taken the time to teach her properly and we have learned, as we did with our children, firmness and consistency, mixed with love and affection are the secret.   Heather


Why do anything that's challenging??

Why raise kids that challenge you every step of the way when your efforts are rewarded in the future? Why do anything that's not easy? If you want easy get a cat! Airedales are challenging! They need constant attention, they need constant discipline to show them the difference between right and wrong. If you are not willing to give that get a different breed. But ... If you're willing to do all the work, all the saying "No", and backing that up, you'll be rewarded with a wonderful companion. Too many Airedales are in rescue because of owners that don't make that commitment.   Jim

Just last week I had the "scream like you are being attacked" yipping. I jumped up from my morning coffee and thought "I need to grab something." It sounded like Abbey was being attacked (my thought was a groundhog which has been seen traveling through our yards in search of our veggie gardens). Broom in hand I started out for our yard behind the fort/shed in the corner. Lo and behold there was Abbey with her head stuck in our fence. She had wanted to sniff something on the other side, went under and lifted her head up and I guess tried to pull it out thus the screaming and yelping. As I got closer she realized she had to lower it and then pull back. Sigh...my life would be SO boring without an Airedale!   Marie


Oh Christine! What great timing! I just got back upstairs from attending to Miss Trudikins. She *had* to go outside -- even though she'd already been out twice. Miss "I don't bark in the house" even barked to be let out! I thought someone must be trying to break in to call for such drastic measures. Nope -- the emergency was that she just *had* to trot a few laps around the yard and snuffle some bunny tracks.

I finally gave in and joined her in my nightgown. She was onto something. It's a beautiful cool night out and the grass smells fresh and clean. Trudi was rolling in it, trying to convince me to do the same. I almost did. She had to settle for a game of tag. I hope the neighbors weren't watching!

Eventually Tim came out and wondered what was taking so long. I was too embarrassed to admit that I was frolicking, too. I finally just gathered Trudi up and heaved her into the house. It was almost a shame not to spend the night together in the yard. Life's just too short to miss those kind of moments with my former shy-girl! On the other hand, morning comes too early and sleep would be a good idea too!   Monica


Sort of like our morning wake-up call by Ms Lilly'dale at 5:30. She emits one huge BARK letting us know it's time to get up. So we get up (Sam generally isn't buying into this...he stays in bed); take her to the back door (we keep the dog door closed at night to discourage scorpions, kit foxes and other unwanted critters out); and let her out. What does she do? Stands there, sniffing the wind, looks up at the sky, turns around looks at us, goes to the big water tub for a sip (and I mean a sip), continues to sniff the wind, looks at the sky again, then turns around and trots back inside. No poop, no pee. So why does she get us up? I guess to let us know to fix breakfast. Airedales, ya gotta love 'em. And this is why we own them.   Jeanne
Can we add the one about them sleeping all day and stretching, licking, whining, playing with their ball, groaning, licking, licking, looking out the window and having to move the blinds so they hit against the window frame all night while you are trying to sleep, then when you get out of bed to get ready to go to work to earn the money for the dog food and dog sundries, they hop onto the nice warm soft spot you just left and go to sleep, meaning that you have to rouse the Airedaless out of the warm spot to get them to go outside to do business and get their breakfast and cookie - don't forget the cookie or we'll just stand in your way until you get the cookie - and do the other 100 things you need to do in the morning. In my next life I want to come back as an Airedale to a person who is a human slave just like me.   Glenda


Because we need company while in the shower or bathtub. Or while we are sitting contemplating life. Life is boring if there isn't one or two sharing your space. How about knowing that you are second to an Airedale for that hug and kiss when the significant other comes home for the day. Wait your turn! I just love the Happy Aire Dance that I get from the girls when I get home. It never ceases to lift my spirits even after a "BAD" day. So many reasons that outweigh the bad. So they chewed the leg on the teak coffee table or the 2 handles on the chest of drawers they have given smiles to those that have just lost their Airedale by doing Zoomies and playbows asking them to play. Good Will Ambassadors for Airedale Rescue!!   Barbara


It's that charm, that smile and the attitude of "what's this? what's next?"  Ellen


Because they keep us humble ... you can never get too full of yourself when you live with an Airedale. Because they make sure we never lose our sense of humor. Because they worm their way into your heart in such a way that when they're not around life just isn't the same.  Libby

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The ATCA Rescue & Adoption Committee fulfills the Airedale Terrier Club of America, Inc. ("ATCA") obligation to protect and advance the interests of the breed by providing services to lost, abandoned, abused or unwanted purebred Airedale Terriers.
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