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The joy, the fun and the laughter an Airedale brings to a home is beyond a complete description, but we'll try anyway. Our life here in Houston would not be complete without the effects of our two Airedales such as:

  • the puddles of drool you don't know are there until you step in them
  • the unexpected (but expected) kiss and tongue action
  • the big-eyed look as if to say "what did I do?"
  • the missing/ hidden socks, pantyhose, shoe, favorite toy
  • the wonderful warmth of their bodies pressing against you at night as they lay on your bed pushing you closer to the edge
  • the way they can take up 3/4 of a king-1size bed and only the human Alpha male grumbles about that
  • the happy greeting you get when you come home, even if you were only gone for 10 minutes
  • the shoulder hugs
  • the Tuck Butt run
  • the insistent barking while looking up a tree
  • the drying of the beards, or trying to catch them to dry the beards
  • the guard dog behavior when it's important
  • the tender way they can watch out for each other, and you
  • the hanging of the head off the end of the bed / chair/ pillow
  • the funny sounds they make while sleeping - with eyes only half shut
  • the sound of their growling and grunting when playing tug of war with a rope toy ( to a non Airedale owner they would think this was a fight to the death -- we know it's just play)
  • the quizzical looks on their faces at any given time is enough to make you laugh out loud
  • aarrooooing
  • who knew an Airedale could get bored with their food? so catsup, Parmesan cheese and leftover chopped veggies and whatever is in the fridge have become toppings on kibble
  • the fun of separating dogs to eat their meals
  • fly catching: watching the walls inside the house and attacking the wall to get a fly-slamming straight on nose to wall only to find out it was a spot of drool from earlier
  • the happy faces on other people when they see you have a adorable Airedale sticking his head out the window of your car, or up to the glass window
  • that beautiful shine their hair gets after the latest grooming begins to grow out
  • watching their cute butts wiggle when you walk behind them during their walk
  • the fact they know when it is time to go for the walk -- they can't tell time or can they?
  • their stubbornness, independence and high intellect
  • How well they have trained us
  • How much they love us, no matter what. AND how much we love them! No matter what!


I have had Airedales so long I don't know what it would be like without them.  I am pretty sure I wouldn't like to try it. I probably wouldn't have holes in the yard, holes in the car's upholstery, a hole in the side of the couch, giant "holes" in my checking account, etc.  But I also wouldn't have all the fun and joy of living with the 'dales.  Probably wouldn't be on all these great Airedale lists either.   Jan


I too am hooked...in my case I would not have a head on my knee. I would not have a walking buddy. My life is good, but is better with that Sassy One. We can't live without them because we have lived with them ... and love them.   Linda

The first mistake Christine

...I think the Airedales own us!

Those soulful eyes drilling a hole in yours when they want something; those fly-away ears that have to make you laugh; the ever present "smile"; the paw asking for forgiveness; the mouth that eventually will take your hand "gently" to say I love you; the head butts and nose pokes and squeezing between your legs as you're walking down the driveway or worse yet, the stairs!.

I can't imagine missing them, but I truly did when I went on vacation. Most of all they make us smile!   Rosey

I would never have guessed I could fall in love with my Airedale the way I have. I have other dogs, but Harry and I have something. He walks with me and runs his head under my hand every so often just to let me know he is still with me. When I am upset he curls (well he's bigger than me) up and lets me hold him. At night he sleeps at the foot of my bed and watches out for me. He chews up everything in sight. Have you ever had to pick up thousand of little pieces of toilet paper from all over your living room if you have you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't thank the Lord. Forget the kids' stuffed animals they are now Harry's. But for every thing he does wrong he just has to look and me and I forgive him. He has brought so much joy during a time when life is harder than I thought it would get so for that he gets to lay on the couch sleep on the bed and if left out chew up toilet paper.   Tracy


Christine: Sing along with the Carpenters and Dionne Warwick (by Evie )

What do you get when you fall in love?
A 'dale with a pin to burst your bubble
That's what you get for all your trouble
I'll never fall in love again
I'll never fall in love again

What do you get when you kiss a 'dale
You get beard slimed and sniffed and nuzzled
He'll trot away and leave you puzzled
I'll never fall in love again
I'll never fall in love again

Don't tell me what it's all about
'Cause I've been there and I'm glad I'm out
Out of the fur and fleas and claws that bind you
That is why I'm here to remind you

What do you get when you fall in love?
You only get mess and worry and sorrow
So far at least until tomorrow
I'll never fall in love again
I'll never fall in love again
So, for at least until tomorrow
I'll never fall in love again
I'll never fall in love again


A picture's worth a thousand words: http://www.flickr.com/photos/glenfinlas/196901800/

This was especially welcome as we were selling our house - brand new pale cream carpets, spotless kitchen floor, etc., to impress viewers ...   Cherry

Because they've captured our hearts for the rest of our lives.   Jean

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Airedale Information

Each year several hundred Airedales find their way into rescue and begin new lives.  Because of the generous support of donors like you, National Airedale Rescue, Inc. is able to assist with the financial needs of Airedale rescue organizations throughout the United States and Canada each year so these great dogs continue to find loving homes.  We appreciate your donations!

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