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Below is a list of memorial and tribute donations made to National Airedale Rescue along with special stories for some of them.  The first few listed by year include all the donors for that year along with links to any special stories.  You can also search for a special story using the filter.  If you would like to have your memorial or tribute listed, click here for instructions.

Donations to the June Dutcher Airedale Memorial also benefit the ATCA Rescue Committee and National Airedale Rescue.  Click here to learn more about this memorial.

There are also two additional links to remembrances on other memorial sites that support Airedale rescue.

Use the filter below to search for a particular memorial or tribute.  Type what you are searching for, then press the "enter" key.

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Airedale Information

Safety Issues

This will take you to the page that is your source for Safety Issues regarding Airedales.  This would include anything that could affect your Airedale as a member of your family or rescue efforts of Airedales.   Read more >>