Joey Fineran Memorial Senior Fund

A New Deal for Old 'Dales

Below is a list of donors and contributors to the 2009 New Deal for Old 'Dales fundraiser, which raised $8,420 to be used for the expenses incurred by Airedales rescued at age 8 or older.

We raise these funds so that people who care can afford the extra medical expenses required by a senior dog. Some people have the love but not the extra money.



We've emptied all our bottles and jars
Looked in the gutters and under cars
Down the back of seats and cushions galore
In the hope of finding just one dollar more

We're sending the dollars off in a flash
To fill the coffers with additional cash
"A New Deal For Old 'Dales"
That's the slogan this year
With this cash we're sending them
Hope a life with no fear
And a wish for good health
As age overtakes them, it creeps in by stealth

A hug and a meal, a place for a bed
A special lap to lay one's head
A friendly face to welcome home
And no more shouts in a threatening tone

Jackie McGuiness and the wild bunch





Carol Adams
Airedale Terrier Club of Metro New York - in memory of Jeri McDonald
Alaska Airedale Rescue
Bob Anderson
Charlotte Anderson
Anonymous Aire Angels
Anonymous Cairen Angel
Ascha, Aerem and Emma Forrester/Molyneux and Chester Hurtt
Lisa Ashton - with Sabine, Max and Griffin
Wendy Atkinson - and Sally and Rosie, too!
Sally Babcock - with Airebella and Dudley
Dave Barrett and Becky Corley with the Barrett pack
Cindy Berner
Kim Bickett
Teri Billington and Karen Meyer - in memory of Lucas
Cynthia Birmingham
Mary Brabender and John Hughes
George and Carlene Brittain with Millie
Rita Brown
Chip Bryant - with Bear and senior, Darby
Anna Bucy - I lost my 13-year old Aire-baby, Daisy, on Valentine's Day
Margaret Butorac
Albert Buys - with Sullie, Mopsie and Teddie
Cairn Rescue USA
Rayma Cartier
Marie Chismer with Dugan, Piper and Abbey
Holly Coes with Ginger
Jeanne and John Combo along with Jake and Sam
Ellen Cummings
Barbara Curtiss
Ken DeKovan with Frodo, Indiana and Arwen
Jana Dengler - in memory of Rooy and Maggee
Leila Doin
Carol Domeracki - Anything Airedale
Glenn Domeracki
Nora and David Donald with Khaki and Dollie
Tom and Jean Donegan - in memory of Alfie
Dorothy and Will Duff - In memory of Miss Madie, Audrey & Toby.
Barbara Dulaney - and the herd
Barbara Durance with Spice - in memory of Pepper Rose
Judy Dwiggins
Patty Eisenbraun - from my two senior Dales, Annie and Maddy
Kathy Enos - in memory of Jasmine
Maryellen Estes - in honor of Indy
Suzanne Etherington
Rita Ferrer
Fetch Ave
Evie Fieseler
Ascha, Aerem & Emma Forrester-Molyneux & Chester Hurtt
Sue Forrester and Bill Molyneaux - and the 4 A's
Susan Fox - in honor of Miss Sophie
Milt and Mary Gade - in memory of Dolly
Shirley and Len Gates with Lucy
Amy Gorman
Karen Grumski
Delia Hardie
Sidney Hardie
Jim and Martha Harris
Lee Hechtel
Kate Hefright of Quilted Keepsakes - with Poppy, Singer, Sadie and Charlie
Heidi Hennen with Merlin, Daisy, Sadie and Jackie
Marina Herbert - with Kelsey, Sanjo and senior Della
Ruth Ellen Hill - In memory of senior Airedale mix, Bailey
Lizzie Hurtt - and Chester, too!
Carolyn Ives with Bailey
Cynthia Johnstonbaugh
Pam Jones
Sharon Judy
Pat Kane-Prescott
Libby Karier & Garry Low - with Molly, too!
Nancy Kaye
Denise Lucas
Lana and Cam MacInnes with Riley, Gracie and Bonnie
Suzanne Maciocha
Stephanie MacNeill
Sandra Mancini
Elaine Martin
Frances Martin - in honor of Airedales Hamish, Angel and Ben
Dorothy McCarthy
Kristen McGarvey - in loving memory of Lucas
Ellen McGeagh
Jackie and Tom McGuiness and the wild bunch
Pam McKusick
Linda McVey - in memory of Wildtree's Classic Katy, Buddy & our awesome Barkley
Karen Meyer - in memory of Luke
Yvonne Michalak
Jeanne Monast
Mare Moore - in memory of Quincey
Muzzlefluff Dog Beds - 10% of bed sales through May 16
New England Airedale Rescue
Karlene Ochoa
Paul O'Flaherty
Oklahoma Airedale Rescue
Lynn O'Shaughnessy - in honor and memory of my rescue Airedales Katie, Alice and Sweet Pea
Jessica Ostrander
Ros and Allan Padfield - in memory of darling senior Airedale girl, Storm
Kathy Petty and Rumpy
Jeanne Plauth
Tobi Potter and Loren - and the Potter posse
Christina Prange
Bobbi Proczyk - for Annie
Cliff and Carole Raisbeck
Terry Reed and Paul Hines with Maggie, Rex and Jake
Robin Reynolds with Amber and Krissy
Jann and Randy Rogers with Tori and Jack
Charlene Rohloff - for senior Jed
Lydia Ross - with senior Alice and Dave, and the young Monkey Boy
Sandra Rowe - and Trevor, too!
Ron Samuelson
Shirley Sanborn and Furgus M'Lo & Canna Go Too
Fran Sawyer
Sally Schnellmann - in memory of my Airedale Rocket, the dog of my life
Maureen and Jim Scott - and the Circus
Blaine Seward
Andrea Shaw - Resqdogs
Tim and Christine Sheffer
Bob and Rosemary Shire - with the terrific trio: Kelly, Miss Moneypenny and Maisie Annabella
Linda Siehler
Cheryl Silver - In memory of Henry My Honey & Daisy, and for Gracie
Kathi Simon
Lisa Simon - in honor of all senior Airedales who have passed through our home
Pam and Steve Simpson with Harley, Sophie and Molly
Andrea and Vetteman Skrenninger - in memory of Misha
Jan Smith
Jake Sprankle's Orphan Memorial Fund
Wendy Stehle
Sunshine Airedalers of Florida
Maureen Tate with Tobie, Mitzi and Teedo
Diane Taylor
Lori Taylor and Ron Swisher with Reese
Nancy Tripp
Cindy Trumble - with Sophie (9) and Hoover (11)
Janice Tucker 
Lisa and Robert Vaeth - in loving memory of our beloved senior rescue Airedale, Katie
Pam Vandergrift with Spencer and Jack
Deanne and Don Vick - Antelope Mountain Supply and Nursery
Elizabeth Walters with Magnus
Linda Wetzel - with senior Airedale, Jackson
White Dog Bone Company
Jan Williams - Arctic Aire - with Leda and Bounty - in memory of Holley
Yvonne Winram - airekisses from Bonnie, Anderson and Robbie
Patricia Zibluk
Jennifer Zoellner

National Airedale Rescue has changed the name of the Senior Fund to the Joey Fineran Memorial Senior Fund in memory of Airedale rescue icon, Joey Fineran.  The seniors held a special place in Joey's heart and she would often take them in herself to care for them.  Monies will be used to provide care, housing, and other necessary services to the senior Airedales who find themselves homeless and in need of our help.

The Joey Fineran Memorial Senior Airedale Fund is supported solely by donations.  It is used to help pay for necessary medical care of Airedales aged ten and over in Rescue.  With National Airedale Rescue committee approval, medical expenses can be funded so that senior Airedales may remain in loving homes that lack the means to pay for necessary medical procedures.


If you would like to make a donation to the Joey's special Fund, please make your check payable to National Airedale Rescue, Inc., and note in the memo section that it is for the Joey Fineran Memorial Senior Fund.

Send your check to:

National Airedale Rescue, Inc.
ATTN: Rusty LaFrance, Treasurer
8524 Maggie Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89143

You can also make a donation by PayPal or credit card by clicking the "Donate" button below.


The Joey Fineran Memorial Senior Fund is meant to assist with the expenses of Senior Airedales in rescue and, in special cases, Senior Airedales that have been adopted.

A Senior Airedale is defined as one rescued at age 8 or older. The Joey Fineran Memorial Senior Fund is limited and no money expended on behalf of a Senior Airedale is guaranteed to be reimbursed, as is the case with any Airedale in need. The Joey Fineran Memorial Senior Fund follows the existing guidelines established by The ATCA Rescue & Adoption Committee for the assistance of an Airedale in need as indicated in this document.

  • The Board will consider requests for funds to assist with the expenses of a Senior Airedale that has been adopted and is living in its forever home where assistance is needed by the human to help maintain the lifestyle of the Senior Airedale (such as: special medications, supplements, dental care).
  • Reimbursement Vouchers for supplements, dental care, minor surgeries and special needs items for a Senior Airedale living out its remaining years in a long-term Foster Care situation may also be considered by the Board. All requests for reimbursement must be received within three months of the date the expense was incurred.
  • The Board is unable to approve any extreme intervention care for a Senior Airedale at this time (such as: chemotherapy, blood transfusions) as the funds are limited.
  • When expensive treatment is being considered, the request for assistance should be made in advance; a requirement we make of all Airedales in need to ensure that funds will be available. The request should include a written estimate on the veterinarian's letterhead, which includes the following:o Your full name
          o Airedale's name
          o Diagnosis
          o Prognosis
          o Complete breakdown of costs, including any charges for follow up care.
          o The urgency of the Airedale's condition
  • When a request for funds has been approved, the Treasurer must be notified as soon as the procedure has been scheduled. Invoices for a pre-approved expense must be received within thirty (30) days of approval. If invoices are not received within that time, the funds set aside will be redistributed to the Joey Fineran Memorial Senior Fund.
  • The Joey Fineran Memorial Senior Fund is not here as a convenience for those who would simply rather have someone else pay their bills. Owners of Senior Airedales should also explore other sources for assistance, including their veterinarian --many veterinarians will work with patients on a payment plan, private fundraisers, loans from family and friends, and care credit

Please contact the Treasurer with the information outlined above to apply for a grant to the Joey Fineran Memorial Senior Fund:

Rusty LaFrance
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Senior Fundraiser Honor Roll List of Donors

Thank you for your help!


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Airedale Information

National Airedale Rescue, Inc., is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation and is the Official Treasury of the Airedale Terrier Club of America (ATCA) Rescue & Adoption Committee. Funds donated to National Airedale Rescue, Inc. are distributed on an as-needed basis to Airedale Rescue volunteers and groups who have agreed to abide by the Airedale Terrier Club of America Rescue & Adoption Committee policies and guidelines.