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  • Kevin Haynes - monthly donation via PayPal
  • Jim Hession - monthly donation via PayPal
  • Sandra Merwin - proceeds from auction of one day sketches
  • Mary Giltner - Arizona Fund
  • Natasha Shubin - Nevada Fund
  • Laura Riddle
  • Richard Van Auken - Nevada Fund
  • Sandra Merwin - proceeds from sale of notecards
  • Chris Sparling - donation sent with ATCA Membership Dues
  • Anonymous Federal Express Employee


  • Kevin Haynes - monthly donation via PayPal
  • Jim Hession - monthly donation via PayPal
  • In Memory of Sandra Merwin
    • Christine Sheffer
    • Barbara Bonfield  Sandra Merwin..Thank you for everything..xoxo Barbara and Shaggy
    • Allyson Perling
    • Luanne Gertsner
    • Donna Gillespie
    • Wanda Cordelli - With great respect and admiration of Sandra Merwin
    • Roberta Sparr
  • Katie Bolton - for Southwest Airedale Terrier Rescue
  • Glen and Lisa Osborne - for ATRVA (Virginia Airedale Rescue)
  • Karl Broom
  • Mary A. Pilecki - in Memory of James M. Reed
  • Teresa McCarthy - in memory of "Charlie" Rubane - a very special Airedale who will be greatly missed by his friends at All Pets Animal Hospital, (especially the kennel techs).
  • Charles Coco
  • Carole Raisbeck - in Memory of Tucker Raisbeck
  • Anonymous Federal Express Employee


  • Susan Singer - Joey Fineran Memorial Senior Airedale Fund
  • Kevin Haynes - monthly donation via PayPal
  • Jim Hession - monthly donation via PayPal
  • Diane Thompson
  • Charles Coco
  • Lydia Ross - Cooper, beloved Yellow Lab and Airedale wannabe, crossed the bridge last week. He had the best life with my family. He was the lone survivor of a car crash that killed my nephew, Zachary Ross, 12 yrs ago.
  • Anonymous Federal Express Employee


  • Kevin Haynes - monthly donation via PayPal
  • Charles Coco
  • Catherine Jarosz - In honor of Bob Brotherton of Clyde, North Carolina
  • Christian & Shannon Seckler Nakata - In Memory of Liberty
  • Estate of Harry J. Gotschall
  • Kelly and Andrew Souza - Joey Fineran Memorial Senior Airedale Fund
  • Jim Hession - monthly donation via PayPal
  • Timothy Ruffin - in Honor of Theo
  • Mary Washington via the PayPal Giving Fund


  • Kevin Haynes - monthly donation via PayPal
  • Charles Coco
  • Barbara Bonfield - For Oklahoma Airedale Rescue - Thank You for Nonie
  • Amazon Smile - Shop for everyone on your gift list this holiday at and Amazon donates to National Airedale Rescue Inc. #YouShopAmazonDonates
  • Kathryn M. Krause - In Memory of Jim Krause
  • Jim Hession - monthly donation via PayPal
  • Paypal Giving Fund
  • Jeanene Petrone in honor of Wanda Cordelli's birthday
  • Sarah Slater - Joey Fineran Memorial Senior Airedale Fund Donation In honor of my loved Airedales who have gone over the Rainbow Bridge
  • Lydia Ross
  • Humble Bundle via the PayPal Giving Fund
  • Forrest Frank - in honor of my loving spouse’s dedication to helping Airedales around the world
  • Donors to the Facebook Giving Tuesday Campaign
    • Bloom Rick
      Carrie Deak
      Vera Anderson
      Susan Grey
      Debora Moritz
      Willem van Opijnen
      Nicole Wobbe-Espinoza
      Suzy Queues
      Jan Montgomery
      Christine Babnick
      Kim Stromple
      Marnix van Gemert
      Charlie Roze
      Lulu Hoeller
      Jan Nyitray
      Carrie Lundberg
      Jenna Esparza
      Ruth Hill
      Delia Hardie
      Yvonne Michalak
      Sheri Karmiol
      Jean Hogg
      Michelle Hunt
      Jan Bednarik
      Dennis Melia
      Bobbi Procyk
      Sue Senerchia
      Kathy Haggerty Appleton
      Noel Neuroth
      Nata Shubin
      Bree Montgomery
      Skip Redpath
      Cathy Biersack
      Susan Sheehan
      Sally Doria
      Jacqueline Fulgham
      Roy Dwiggins
      Barbara Morrison
      Libby Karier
      Linda Greene
      Chris Jibilian
      Teresa Wyatt Trujillo
      Bob Gierat
      Joe Marrs
      Steve Woznicki
      Belle Schwarzenbach
      Karlene Kilpatrick
      Becky Lindsay
      Linda Collier
      Jan Williams
      Barbara Bonfield
      Helen Clinco
      Melissa Bowersock
      Miriam Angel
      Judy Dwiggins
      Karen DeDea
      AD Airedale
      Barb Reinhold
      Belen Stroh
      Vernita Hoyt


  • Kevin Haynes - monthly donation via PayPal
  • Charles Coco
  • Glenn Francis
  • Estate of Madeline Wells
  • Merry Christmas to Kathy Jones from her employees.  Donation to the Joey Fineran Memorial Senior Airedale Fund in honor of Kathy's senior Airedale, Darcey
  • JoAnn Bates - Money that was raised for SWAT from the 5th Annual Terrier Walk in Florida and online auction
  • Wooftrax.Inc. - From Cathy Biersack and Wojo's Winning Walk with WoofTrax Walk & Win Challenge
  • Pistell Family Foundation - In Memory of our two rescue Airedales who are no longer with us (Tigger & Jenni)
  • Jim Hession - monthly donation via PayPal
  • Bruce Little through American Express Foundation
  • Catherine Fambrini - Joey Fineran Memorial Senior Airedale Fund - Merry Christmas to my brother in honor of Aldo and Daisy
  • Scott Powell - in honor of my aunt, Delia Hardie
  • To help a bit in replenishing funds used for Alpine Annie
    • Susan Harmon
    • Debra Przelomiec
  • Jana Thor - In Honor of David & Phyllis (human) Toby & Tara (Airedales)
  • Judith Schulte - a Christmas gift to Airedale rescue. A friend and I decided to give a gift to rescue instead of buying each other gifts.
  • PayPal Giving Fund - donations from
    • Cathie Moog (from sale of her Handmade Christmas Cards on eBay)
    • Carole Raisbeck
    • lydia ross
    • John Mueller
    • Jennifer Burkizer
    • Lori Nafshun
    • Kathleen Parrish
    • Catherine Stetson
    • dorothy duff
  • Ken and Karyn Bauer
  • Pam Kalish - in honor of my sister, Jill Kalish, for the holidays
  • Terri Szablewski - gift to our cousin Joyce Gardner
  • Rhonda Newman and Lisa Wargofchik in honor of Maggie Newman
  • Barbara Armstrong - in Memory of Maisey Sexton
  • Leo Rotstein - Joey Fineran Memorial Senior Airedale Fund - in memory of Bentley
  • Judith Luckett - to assist Oklahoma and Texas Airedale Rescue
  • Mary Okeefe - In honor of Delia L Hardie and her work on behalf of airedales
  • Lisa Accomazzo - in the memory of Duke the Airedale and in honor of his mate Luly. Also, in memory of Bear and Cabot Airedales, our first as a family
  • Rebecca C. Nelson - in honor of Barbara Bonfield as a foster mom

The Wonderful Bees of the Airedale Quilting Bee, who create masterpieces and donate the profits to Airedale Rescue. Click here to view the quilts


If you have made a donation to the ATCA Rescue & Adoption Committee (or National Airedale Rescue, Inc.) and your name is not listed, please email the webmaster. We appreciate and want to acknowledge every donation.

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Airedale Information

Safety Issues

This will take you to the page that is your source for Safety Issues regarding Airedales.  This would include anything that could affect your Airedale as a member of your family or rescue efforts of Airedales.   Read more >>


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