• Dorothy Duff - In memory of Bailey, companion to so many foster Airedales and Faithful to her Mom, Ruth Ellen
  • Cindy Berner - In Memory of 'BEAMER' - aka 'Blackheath's Distill My Heart
  • Pam Vandergrift - To celebrate Lydia Ross's birthday which is January 29th. She is a true friend to Airedales and to me.
  • Marcus Ganister - A tribute to John and Jeanne Combo
  • G.J., Becky, Maka & Lita - In Memory of Maggie Pelissero
  • Scott and Mindy Jack - In memory of Diane McKenzie, a beautiful person who gave of herself in so many ways.  We will remember her always.  God bless...
  • Morgan Stanley - Matching donation for Bruce Berman in honor of Zoey Berman
  • Bruce Berman - In honor of Zoey Berman
  • Dorothy and Will Duff - Thank you for giving Molly such a wonderfully loving home.
  • Dorothy Duff - In memory of Clint, the smartest of all Airedales!
  • Carole Haselton - In honor of Tim McNall
  • Cynthia Berner - in honor of Lydia Ross
  • Tor and Nancy Lund - In honor of Judy Opfer...Happy Birthday!
  • Remington L. Smith - In memory of Peter Henning
  • Joann Nelson - In honor of Judy Opfer
  • Jennifer Banovetz - In memory of Hans Becker
  • Joneta T. Williams - In memory of Argus, the Guardian
  • Linda McVey - in memory of Buddy 1981 - 1993 and Wildtree's Classic Katy.
  • Anne & Ken St. Clair - in honor of Sophie and Susan Fox
  • Dorothy Duff - in memory of Airedale Bailey Hill
  • Melinda Jack - for Walter McKenzie on the loss of hos wife
  • Godwin Pelissero - in memory of Airedale Maggie Pelissero
  • Cindy Berner - in memory of Judy From Under the Stairs
         'Judy From Under The Stairs' was rescued and found a soft dry bed, a safe home, and true love from those who care so much. There is a special place in heaven for Judy and all those special souls who give of themselves in Airedale Rescue.
  • John and Nancy McCrady - in honor of Judy Opfer
  • Reverand Jeffery Largent - in honor of 17-year old Jake
  • Susan Fox - in memory of Bill Collins
  • Mary Jo Allen - in memory of Bill Collins
  • Barbara Jordon - in honor of Judy Opfer
  • Dorothy Duff - in memory of Rusty the Airedale
        Thank you Sue and Ben Landin for loving Rusty who was a challenging 'Dale. Thank you for all the time you spent training and being patient with his quirks. Rusty came to us greatly in need of care and attention. He deserved a loving home and you opened yours to him.
  • Frances Martin - in loving memory of Bella Bella and in honor of her dear mom, Rayma Cartier.
  • Cynthia and David Greenblatt in honor of Duncan Breecha Hooray.
  • Rochelle Koslowe in memory of Bill Koslowe.
  • Airedale Terrier Club of Metropolitan NY in memory of Gerri McDonnell.
  • Nicole Bell in honor of Stuart and Oscar Bell.
  • Janice Foster in the name of Bogart and in memory of Klaus Hoeller.
  • Anonymous in the name of Gail Henley.
  • Petra Walton in the memory of Cooder Rex Walton, the best dog ever.  You are missed, buddy.
  • Dorothy and Will Duff - in memory of Bella Bella.  What a lovely little girl 'Dale. Miss Bella Bella will be missed. Thank you Rayma for loving Bella like no one else could ever do.  Dorothy & Will and all the Airedale gang.
  • ATCMNY - in memory of Jeri McDonnell.
  • Linda McVey - in memory of Wildtree's Classic Katy, Buddy, and our awesome Barkley 14 years old on June 19th! 2009.
  • Ronna Miller - in loving memory of my sweet, old, gentle, fuzzy, polite, lovable, broken down retired West Texas ranch dog. Mr. Tuffy Bear, 1994 - May 30, 2009. You will be forever missed, my dear old fellow. Thank you for gracing our lives for almost 9 years. Love, your mom and your kid sister, Moxie.
  • Laura Ohm - in the name of Cecil Patrick Jr.; in memory of Clementine, a fine dog.
  • Carolyn Fineran - in memory of Abigail the Airedale.
  • Nancy Rosin - in memory of Rex Rosin, a great Airedale.
  • Sylvia Winner - in memory of Rex, the well loved dog of my grandson and his family.
  • Rayma Cartier - in memory of Bella Bella in honor of all seniors.
  • Jan Wiles - in memory of Tempe and Dax Delbridge (beloved Search and Rescue dogs). Jim Delbridge has donated his time (many hours) in training to Oklahoma Airedale Rescue. Jim is the one who had the news channel special on his SAR Airedale.
  • Nancy Flagg and Jill Brennan - in memory of Patrick Lien.
  • Anonymous - for the June Dutcher Memorial in honor of Lynn O'Shaughnessy, a true Aire-angel.
  • Denise Bridges - in memory of Mr. Tuffy Miller.
  • Wylvia Winner - in memory of Rex Rosin, Airedale.
  • Kat McMain - in memory of Piper Fox.
  • Anonymous - in memory of Piper Fox.
  • R.E.Hill - in memory of Skeeter Wiles.
  • Jennifer Malach - in memory of London Davis.
  • The Grays - in honor of Nicole Hughes. Happy Birthday! We love you and hope you have another wonderful year!
  • Candace Kramlich - for the Senior Fund in memory of Geraldine McDonnell and Nina.
  • Linda Yardley Dob - in memory of Piper Fox
  • Dee Anna Newbanks - in memory of Piper Fox
  • Mary Smith - in honor of Lynn Richardson and Jay Brant
  • Mary Giltner - in memory of one of my college professors, Dr. Helen Goetz, who loved-nurtured-raised a series of Airedales and students in her life.
  • Dorothy Duff - in memory of Mary Carrier
  • Carol Anderson - in memory of Raymond J. Anderson
  • Celebrating Tatiana Nikulina's birthday from:
       Karlene Ochoa
       Sidney Hardie
       Deanna Vick
       Linda McVey
  • Terry Stevens - in honor of Judy and Anabelle Dwiggins
  • Gladys Barnard - in memory of Betty Mellott & Jake Sprankle
    "Our thoughts & prayers are with you at this time. We hope this donation will be of some use to the Airedale Rescue in memory of your Mother & Jake." Big Guy & Gladys
  • Cindy Berner - in honor of Wacky Fieseler
    With love, hope and tears in memory of Wacky Fieseler who brought blessings and happiness to his mom, Evie - just as she did to him when brought him home as a 'Rescue', many years ago. Our 'Dales are in our lives for oh so short a time but their love and smiles and wonderful memories live on in our hearts forever.
  • Gail Walker - in honor of Rick Bloom and Richard Peebles.
  • Deborah Werner - in the name of Chuck and Nan in memory of Katie Werner.
  • Janis Shea - in honor of Rick Bloom and Richard Peebles.
  • Janet Phal - in honor of all the work that Rusty LaFrance does to help the Airedales.
  • Kathleen Pruss- in memory of Peter Yancich.
  • John Walker - in honor of Lou Swofford, Rusty, Zoe and Emma
  • Sally Good - in memory of Emma Darling, a wonderful friend.  I like to think Emma and Gretchen are playing like puppies again! So sorry for your loss. Sally & family
  • In lieu of flowers in memory of Mr. Jan J. Armour
       Indiana Hardwood Specialists, Inc.
       Anna L. Meissner
       Michael P Holtsclaw
  • Karen Conner - in honor of Gretchen
  • Julie Cox - in memory of Slingo
  • Richard Atkins - in the name of Janine Yancich in memory of Pete Yancich
  • Michael Holtsclaw - in memory of Jan Armour
  • Joy and Joe Batten - in memory of Oscar Batten
  • Sidney Hardie - in memory of Airedale Betsy Jackson
  • Sheri Karmiol - in memory of Dreyfus, Millie, & Molly, who enriched our lives for many years.
  • Joyce Jensen - in memory of Al Jensen and in honor of Frances Martin.
  • Alyson Elder - in honor of Louisiana rescue dales, Willie and Winnie currently being fostered by Delia Hardie
  • Kevin Supple - in memory of Rocket. 
       "Dear Frank, Eagle and I send you our love and our deepest sympathies on Rocket's passing. You were a great team, and we know how much you will miss him. With all our love, Kevin and Eagle."
  • Steve and Gail Henley - in memory of Airedale Arthur
  • Daniel Goldhagen - in honor of Kathi Wood & Cynthia Werthamer
  • Gloria Garcia - in honor of Melinda Costa who is an amazing advocate and volunteer for Airedale Rescue in Northern Virginia.  From Gloria, Maggie, and Pancho
  • Dorothy Duff - in memory of Madie, Toby and Audrey Duff
  • Elizabeth Berry - in memory of Miss Raine and Miss Rusa
  • Leslie Pultz - in honor of Jeanne Plauth
  • Dina Chernick - in memory of Goldie, Stella and Oona

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Airedale Information

The ATCA Rescue & Adoption Committee fulfills the Airedale Terrier Club of America, Inc. ("ATCA") obligation to protect and advance the interests of the breed by providing services to lost, abandoned, abused or unwanted purebred Airedale Terriers.
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