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Look for the Brightest Bubba Star in the sky tonight.

A very sad day in Seattle,
Lydia, Alice and Katiebooger

Andy embodied all the things we love. He was kind, he was patient, he was infinitely good humored, he enjoyed his life and his friends. Andy's story from Rescue to star in the sky is what we would wish for all of our dogs; he was without a doubt in the best of all possible homes where he got the best possible care and knew he was treasured, quirks and all. He never met a dog he didn't think was a friend. He asked little and gave more than he ever knew. His outlook on life was always pleasant. He loved his mum, Katie the c*t, and his bossy sister, Alice Claire.

It saddens us greatly to think we won't see Andy again. Jordan did so enjoy those games of snap and twirl and to this day says Andy had The Best Airesnap on the planet and he does not expect to see the likes of it again. And Miss Junie boonie loved to wink at him and then act like she hadn't. Jules called him friend and introduced him to other Grey friends. And we all marveled how Andy knew right off the bat how to use the dog door; something that took Miss Junie a couple of weeks to attempt on her own.

Andy, it was a privilege and an honor to call YOU friend.

joey, jules, jordie and junie b.

I never met Andy other than through the tales posted on the lists, but there was something about his face that touched my heart. A gentle and loving soul existed in him. He will be missed.

Libby, Garry, Molly and Lucy

Once in a while an Airedale enters our lives who becomes very dear to many of us. So it was with Andy George Ross. It may have been his kindly personality, his endearing expression, the beautiful photographs of him or the loving way Lydia wrote about her beloved Bubba Boy that gave him a special place in our hearts .

You were a wonderful ambassador for Airedale rescue, Andy. We will miss you greatly and remember you always.

With love
Cherry, Ruaridh and Rosie

The chronicles of Andy's life made us laugh and smile; but mostly they made us "paws" and reflect on the boundless love and life with which rescue Airedales enrich our lives. Andy taught us all many lessons. Lydia's grief is shared by us all as we look to the heavens to see his bright Bubba star.

Christine, Tim, Bristol, CeCe, and Baron

One of the best ambassadors to our breed, Andy Ross will forever be remembered for all of the warmth and good he provided to his Mum, Lydia.

The stories shared of Andy's silly ways and endless games are the very essence of why we all love this breed so. We will miss his future chronicles, but we will also treasure all of the times Andy made us grin and sometimes laugh out loud! Such a character, he was.

Knowing Andy lived life to the fullest while fulfilling Lydia's world with his daily embraces, I know Andy's star will radiate within the hearts of us all. Forever.

With a heavy heart,
Kiwi & Koshare

Like many of us, Andy was known to me only by the "tails" passed along by Lydia and his sister Alice. I hope you can draw strength from the kindness of your friends human, and Airedale alike during these dark days. We will keep an eye out for his star, and will keep you in our prayers.

Warmest Regards
Lee and Yogi'dale

This Sunday is ATRA's biggest fund raiser...our rescue auction. All of my donations will now be in Andy's name.

Pam Vandergrift

A sweet and gentle soul was Andy. I will always remember how tolerant he was of my Dalmatian Rosci, who was pretty sure Andy was his big teddy bear play toy.

We will both miss him

Sending love to you, Lydia

Joani and Rosci

It's funny how one can learn to love a dog one has never met, a dog that lived out his life a couple thousand miles away, but a dog you'd know anywhere anytime. We have pictures of Andy here and there throughout our house. I'd know his muzzle with the splash of black in any crowd. I know what frightened him, how he liked to help Lydia cook, what a perfectly terrible gardener he was when left unsupervised, how he loved trips to Wenatchee, how he put on silly costumes with never a complaint, how he tolerated anything Aliceclairedale dished out and forgave her immediately, how stoic he was to physical pain and how unfailingly gentle he was with Katie the cat. When i get to the Rainbow Bridge and see all the Airedales, i'll know Andy instantly, we'll need no introduction. And finally i'll be able to put my arms around the neck of a dog i love but have never had the opportunity to met. But today we're shedding a lot of tears for him here, for a boy almost as familiar and beloved as the one asleep at my feet.

Godspeed sweet Andy. Five years was way too short, but there's more love in five years with Lydia than most any other five dogs will experience in a lifetime.

Marti, John, Puff, Peach, Pixi and Pubb

Andy was a big boy that loved his Mum more than anything. He knew he could snuggle into her hand, or just gaze at her with his soft brown eyes and she would dip in her pocket and hand him a homemade cookie and whisper to him--don't tell your sister you're getting free cookies! He'd just move a little closer to her and bury his head in her long hair and snuffle--a sure way to get another cookie. He loved life to it's fullest and he loved his fur-sister Alice, and cat-sister Katie, played hard, ate heartily, and slept like a log.

He had many pals the world over and was a terrific dog to promote Rescue.

He lived in THE MOST loving of homes, where the motto-"Love me, love my dog" is the rule of the house. While his Mum's heart is broken, I know she would quote Garth Brooks in The Dance--

    Looking back on the memory of
    The dance we shared 'neath the stars above
    For a moment all the world was right
    How could I have known that you'd ever say goodbye
    Yes my life is better left to chance
    I could have missed the pain but I'd of had to miss
    the dance.

Lydia wouldn't have it any other way. I know not one other person that gives so selflessly as does she.

Lydia, we all love you and look to the Stars above and see those that have left you too soon and are now all twinkling back in thanks for the loving care you gave.

xoxoxo The Petersen's of Utah

Dear Lydia,

Of course you know by now that the entire world is grieving with you. Grieving for a boy many of us never got to meet in person, but whose place by our own hearths is as assured as that of the beloveds who cluster about our feet at this moment.

Having to say goodbye to our beloved Andy, our beautiful and deeply loved BubbaBoy, is beyond all things difficult.

As I opened your note this morning I somehow knew that it would be to tell us that the Airespirits were awaiting him, and that he had heard the Call.

I can only be glad that you, like us when we helped Aemon and Alice to move on to the High Wild Country, were with him. He knew that, I am certain, and nothing more would have been in his wishlist. Just to have you with him, to hold him and kiss him, and whisper your love to him, with the certainty that there will come a day when you will again hold him, this time never to be parted.

Your own heart is torn out, I know that. As we look at Andy amongst the flowers ~ how often your photographs capture him amongst those flowers ~ we can see the lovedepths in his eyes, as he gazes at you, his own Mama. You were and are the centre of his world, and his warm breath will linger to remind you that he has just moved on a little way, not far, just around the corner .........

We are in tears with you. Our hearts are broken into pieces, for this beloved Andrew George Ross of ours, the Bubba Boy of the world.

His Star will glow brightly in our skies tonight, surrounded as he will be by all our beloved kids, a Galaxy of precious cherished Airespirits.

We send our love, our care for you, and our sharing of your grief. I hope in time this may ease the burden just a little.

With all our hearts ~~
Sue and Bill, Ascha and Aerem, Ruby and Sam ~ many thousands of miles away in a sad southern Australia.

Our Boy Andy-Arrow Star

We first met Arrow (Andy) on September 15, 2000, bouncing around in the bed of a beat up old white pickup truck. Andy´s owner could no longer afford to keep him due to financial problems and wanted to find a good home for his dog. Andy was complete and intact sporting about three inches of hair upon arrival.. An alteration and grooming made Andy look like a new Airedale.

Most people were unaware that Andy´s pedigree included champions from well known kennels; Bengal, Copper Dale´s, Hatdale´s, Lawrence´s, Terrydale´s and Jokyl. Twenty champions are shown on his mother´s side in just three generations. Andy was a particularly rugged Airedale with a great disposition to people and other dogs, exhibiting a zest for life that endears these dogs to their owners.

I mentioned Andy to Lydia, who liked the idea of a big brother for her dog Alice. We arranged to transport Andy to the home of Jann Rogers for Lydia to pick him up. Jann´s husband Randy recalls Andy carrying around large chunks of fire wood in their yard waiting for Lydia to arrive.

My file is full of wonderful pictures and cards from Lydia. Our special thanks to Lydia for providing the loving and caring home for Andy that every Airedale should have and for her loving care in his special time of need. Although Andy is no longer with her his spirit will remain forever.

Connie Turner
Northwest Coordinator
Airedale Terrier Rescue
Salem, Oregon

Oh Lydia, he was such a special boy. Randy and I shared only a couple days with Arrow-Andy before we handed him off to you but the memories of this sweetie are still vivid. We laugh when we watch the video of him doing a wild tuck butt run while flipping logs in our log pile around like toothpicks. I would watch him from our window, a little afraid to get in the middle of it all, and wondered if he was going to come right through when he bounded up to say hi before starting another Airedale figure eight on the lawn. Such energy, such a love for life. Thoughts of Andy also bring to mind the memory of the original owner sitting on the tailgate of his truck with Andy before handing him over. New to rescue, not knowing how to console this poor man who was giving up his best friend, we all hugged and cried a little and then went on our way. Andy has always been loved by everyone who had the honor and pleasure of knowing him. Thank you Lydia for making every day of his life a happy and special occasion. Our hearts are with you.

Randy, Jann and Tori

I met Andy 3-½ years ago when I moved in next door to him. I am not a dog person but truly fell in love with him at first sight. He had a way of looking at you and it melted your heart. I spend countless hours in my yard and always looked forward to him snorting at me to say hello through the slats in the fence. Andy loved late summer when I would toss cherry tomatoes over to him, he preferred the stems taken off first (classy eater) unlike his sister who eats stem and all. I will miss my daily chats with him over the fence and will be looking to the stars to see his charming little face. Andy, thanks for bringing a smile to my life, love dalene.

It was always a delight to see Andy at the clinic and hear his mom brag about all his antics and accomplishments. It was always Lydia, Andy and Alice with Lydia bearing gifts of the edible kind. Andy was handsome, dignified and a perfect compliment to Alice. Our hearts go out to Lydia. His loss will be felt deeply by anyone who has ever had the good fortune to be in his company. We will miss the twinkle in his eye and his love for life.

We'll be looking for the biggest star in the sky.

Lydia, you are in our hearts and our thoughts.

Love to you and Alice and Katie

The Doctors and Staff at the Ballard Animal Hospital

Dear Lydia,
What a wonderful life Andy had with you. I suspect you had many fun adventures that will provide smiles and comfort in days to come. Your compassion and love of every one of these special rescue dogs shines through in your love and devotion to Andy. How lucky you were to have each other. As I join you in tears for your loss, I rest assured that we will all eventually be reunited with our fur-kids. May our beloved 'Dales that have gone before welcome him, and provide him comfort until you meet again.

In deepest sympathy,
Wendy Atkinson

Dear Lydia, I was heartbroken for you when I read the post about Andy's passing, our furkids become like our babies and its always devasting when we lose them, my condolences to you and my prayers are with you.

Love Debby and the furkids

Dearest Lydia...
I want to let you know how extremely sorry I am to learn that Andy has journied over the Rainbow Bridge. And I have to tell you; tonight was I was sitting in my car up at the new house after taking another load of stuff over there, I saw an extremely bright shooting star streaking across the sky and thought of Andy, wondering if it could be him, racing to meet all the Airedales who have crossed before him. My heart hurts for you Lydia. I can't imagine losing Lilly or Sam; it would be just the worst kind of loss. So...know that here in the desert, in addition to Sidney and her gang, there are three other desert dwellers who wish we could do something to ease your loss and pain. Thanks for all you do for Rescue and the dogs. I know Andy was so lucky to have had the time he did with you.

hugs and more hugs
Jeanne, Lilly & Sam

Dear Lydia,

I just want to say that a better Buddy there never was, than Andy. He helped me when I was a pup, emailing me how to have fun, to live and love.

He was a true friend, sharing stories and Kookies with me.

His shared his Mum, his sister and heart with all. He helped raised awareness and funds for Airedale Rescue.

The Airedale world will miss The Andy Boy as will I...

Boca Raton, Florida

I've had the opportunity to spend time with Andy... he was dignified and a clown at the same time. He would steal the bread off your plate if you weren't watching and then pretend to look at Alice like she did it. He had the world's most loving and generous Mom who is very heartbroken, she had the love and courage to help him when he needed her most. Lydia always gave him "extra" of everything and gave him a scratch on the ear and would tell him...that's for putting up with your evil sister Alice. For all of you that have never met Lydia or sat at her kitchen table, I can tell you from experience....there is no more wonderful person than she. If after I die, there is hope to be reincarnated, I want to come back as an Airedale rescue in her home. The love from her heart never stops.

Andy is at peace. Now, I wish the same for his Mom's very sad heart. I hope everyone orders a pattern, pin or donates to rescue in honor of Lydia and Andy.

Love to you during this most difficult of times.
Bob Larsen and family

A month ago I played ball with Andy...he loved a regulation size basketball. He wrapped his jaws around it and would "kill it" by shaking it back and forth..I'd laugh myself silly watching him. Then he would move on to playing with one of his giant "sticks"...they are 6" in diameter and about 5ft long..he tossed them like toothpicks. Lydia would say...LEGS! meaning Andy was coming thru waving his stick and you better watch out. Andy loved his mum and she him...it will be very hard for her not to have her Bubba boy beside her. I watched her make dog dough for one of her cookie contests and I asked her...whoa! how many do you need? Her answer was always the same....I never have enough, I pick multiple winners--just so we can share more. That is Lydia through and through...giving, sharing and loving to all. Those cookies actually smelled pretty good while baking and Alice and Andy always got the first ones from the oven. They were the most well kept dogs, clean, groomed, and impeccably mannered, Andy's favorite "trick" to get a treat was when Lydia told him "Kiss" and he would stand on his hind legs and put his front paws on her shoulder, gaze into her eyes and take a cookie ever so gently from her lips. Lydia gave them unconditional love and they to her.

My heart aches for Lydia as she journies through her grief. I'm sure Andy's baying bark/howl will be carried to her in the wind and his Star brightest in the sky...he always howled when she left him behind at home.

Bless you for being you.
Linda Haynes


I am so so sorry to read about Andy's passing. Such a short time to get to know him and I know he stole your heart. My thoughts are with you at this very difficult time.

This Last AAAAARRRRROOOOoooo is for Andy.

bobbi Thelma & Charlie

take care.

Lydia, words cannot express how sorry I am. Even though he is no longer at your side, he will always be in your heart. Every once in a while God sends us a beautiful sweet soul to remind us to love and be loved unconditionally. Andy was one of those. I know your heart aches now, and you know that in time it will not hurt as much, and you will remember him and smile.

Thinking of you,
Barbara and the Serendipity Gang

My love and prayers are coming your way. My heart is so heavy for your loss. Know that we are all crying with you.

Much love and many hugs,
Blue & Phoebe

Andy was a cool dog and he had the best highest Tigger bounce you ever saw and did it with a basketball in his mouth, it was really cool. He should have been on a basketball team. The Utah Jazz could have used him this season.

Aunt lydia might make good dog cookies for you,but her homemade chocolate thunder cookies for humans are AWESOME, I know cuz I have eaten a lot of them.

I'm sorry aunt lydia, that you are sad over Andy being dead, I am too. Andy the dog and me had the same great name! Aunt lydias a great lady to everyone.

Andy Petersen

I got to meet Andy for the first time this summer. He is a nice big dog. We took him to the beach for a walk and he waded right in and stuck his head under the water and pulled out a big stick and twirled it above his head like a baton. It was pretty funny. I think he liked us laughing at him because it made him do it more and faster.

I know Lydia is sad right now but when she remembers how happy Andy was living with her she will smile again. He was always real happy when the cookies got handed out. I'm glad she didn't make him wait to die in pain.

I hope you all get to eat lydia's cookies. the lemon sour ones are best. I don't know about the dog cookies, I never ate those..but Andy loved them.

I hope Andy is a star in the sky and that he is sitting next to another star named David, my uncle, lydia's best friend and my namesake, if they get together they could be a really BIG BRIGHT star and light her way in these dark days when she is sad. love to you lydia

David Petersen

andy had a really BIG bark and you couldnt hear auntie lydia on the phone when he barked. she gave him a cookie and then he hushed up. i never ate a dog cookie, I love her snicrdoodles and her. sorry andy is dead.

jacob xo
dont cry auntie lydia
i love you

Whoa man! I can't believe that Andy is gone. He was a great big healthy dog. I just saw him in August and he was having a lot of fun. He had boundless energy and bounced all over the place. He could deflate a basketball in one bite and knock you over with his stampede run. He had THE loudest deafening bark I ever heard. I wanted to take him home with me.

I'm sorry Lydia that you lost your Bubba boy. He'll be watching over you from above with another really terrific friend of yours now. Some day you will all meet again, until then--know you are loved by many.


We never met Andy, unfortunately. We knew he was the most cared dog in the world, that Lydia's cookies could make him bounce and even smile. My heart goes to you, Lydia - Nicole sends a big kiss to make the pain go. We are touched with the news of his death and even though we are so far away from his home, we know he'll be in the sky watching you, waiting for you to remember all the times he played with you, all the times he made your life shine through the day and the night. Hope the memories of him will make you smile, just as he did when alive. His soul will always be a candle in your path.

Olivia and Nicole (hugz for you).

Dogs are our link to paradise. They don't know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring - it was peace. --Milan Kundera.

Dear Lydia,

We are so sorry to hear about Andy -- our hearts break for you and tears flow. Even though we never met Andy all the way on the other side of the Continent, we grieve dearly for Andy and the void he left behind. I wish I had advice on how to fill this emptiness, but I don?t ? albeit knowing that Andy was such an ambassador of the Airedale kind would bring some comfort to you, Alice and all of your friends. Your family is very much like ours (actually much better, I don?t do homemade dog biscuits) and embodied the joy of having complementing Airedales -- a handsome, but goofy, tolerant boy and a controlling, but all beautiful girl. Andy left an indelible optimistic spirit of what it is to be an Airedale and I know from all your stories that he loved his life with you and I hope that brings a small smile of comfort to you. He is irreplaceable and only time will ease the pain ? take the time and embrace the memories for you and Andy made them happen.

Again we are so sorry.


Moxie & Buster

We are so sorry to hear of Andy's passing. Time with our furkids is so short. It was just last year that You, Alice and Andy were helping us through Xmas. I'll never forget the envelope in the mail from Alice and Andy! Please know that he had one of the best lives a dog can live. We cannot control how long they are with us, but we can control the quality of their life and you did all you could. He was very popular and very well loved by all of us. We hope Alice is doing OK. I'm sure she misses her best friend. Hang in there.

So sad,
Shirley Otis and Milo

This donation is in memory of Andy - a reminder of the purpose of Airedale rescue. Many folks love their dogs so much they make the ultimate sacrifice and give them to someone who can take better care of them. And there's no better place then Aunt Lydia's. Andy had a lucky star hanging over his head to be so loved by all, but, at the same time he never took it for granted and reveled in it by spreading happiness each and every day.

Kathryn, Moxie & Buster

Sunday was ATRA's fund raiser held in Williamston, MI. Because Andy was my "adopted son" I wanted to do something to honor his passing. My daughter created and painted a great wood Airedale and I made a memorial sheet so that everyone who looked at the piece would read about Andy and Lydia. The piece sold for $420.00. This picture is when he was about half finished.

Pam Vandergrift

In memory of Andrew George Ross....a wonderful ambassador for Airedale Rescue. I did not ever get to meet him, but knew him through his "aunt" Joey Warren who is my friend. I want to send my heartfelt condolences to Lydia, his Mom.
Nancy Flagg

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