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Are there special requirements?

We require a fenced yard for our adoption dogs. Most Airedales are quite adventurous and find it impossible to stay at home when there is a whole world to explore.  An Airedale needs space to stretch his legs and poke around without a person always attached to him.   This can only be done safely in a fenced yard. This is not to say that your entire property  must be fenced - just a portion of the back yard, accessible from the back door. 

We do not allow our dogs to be chained outside, so that is not an alternative to a fenced yard.  Isolated or free-standing pens are not acceptable.

We are skeptical about invisible fencing for Airedales, but we do realize that it may be appropriate for some dogs. Discuss it with us if relevant.

While we are adamant about fences, there are rare circumstances, due to a special owner or special dog, when we might reconsider our position.  Dogs without fences would always  have to be walked on a leash.

Families with children must have a fenced-in yard.

Is there an adoption fee?

Due to the expense of inoculations, veterinary care, and spaying or neutering (all of which are completed before a dog is adopted), we generally require an adoption fee of between $100 and $250, depending on the age of the dog.  We feel this is very reasonable for a healthy and beautifully groomed Airedale, who is spayed or neutered and up to date on all shots.

Would I be better off getting a puppy?

Quite frankly, we're always amazed by the number people who think they want a puppy.  There are many benefits to owning a mature dog.  They are housebroken, past the chewing stage, and you know what they look like, and what their personality is like.  Many people's already busy lives are much better suited to the needs of an adult dog. Dogs of any age will "bond" to you! "Older dogs" (over 7) are wonderful and easy, and deserve to live out their lives in a happy, loving home, too.

Is it better to get a male or a female?

This is a matter of preference. Many people tend to think a female will be gentler and easier to train.  This isn't necessarily the case and really depends on the dog. Some of the males are extremely sweet and gentle, and the females are often feisty and territorial.

Will I get papers with the dog?

No. We do not release papers with the dogs. Usually, we don't have them and they simply aren't necessary for your enjoyment of your pet.

If we know the dog's birthday, we will pass that information on.

Airedale  Rescue and Adoption

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What is Airedale Rescue?

We are Airedale people who find homes for Airedales whose previous homes have disappeared.  This may happen for a variety of reasons an owner dies, a dog gets lost and picked up by a shelter, a family moves and is unable or unwilling to take the dog along, people get divorced or married, people have a baby and no longer want a dog, people chose a breed they shouldn't have, etc.  Or people may not have given sufficient thought to the commitment required for owning a dog.

Dogs have become a very disposable commodity in our society.  Most often the fact that they end up in rescue is no reflection on the dog. 

What does Rescue do with a dog?

The dog is groomed (properly clipped) and bathed.  He is taken to a vet for necessary inoculations, heartworm testing, and any required veterinary treatment.  All dogs are spayed or neutered before adoption.  The rescue dog lives with us in a foster home while temperament and behavioral evaluations are made to determine the most appropriate type of home for him or her.

How old are they?

Most dogs are past the puppy stage.  Many are 2-4 years old, some are 5 or 6, and occasionally we get older or younger dogs. Very often the young ones have started out in a "non-Airedale" home, so have been allowed to develop some bad habits, not easily dealt with.  Older is usually better!

What should I know about Airedales before adopting?  

Airedales are "the king of the terriers" - sturdy, powerful, but fun-loving dogs.  The desirable size is about 23" at the shoulder, weighing 50-60 pounds, but they  can range from 20-28" and 40-90 pounds.  Their coats can be hard and straight, with few furnishing, or soft and curly, with leg hair and whiskers that need a thorough combing more than once a week.

All Airedales need to be either clipped or stripped at least every three months.  Pets are generally clipped, which costs about $40-50. Finding a groomer who really knows how to do an Airedale is difficult, so many pet owners learn to do the grooming themselves.

Airedales are very smart, curious  and often stubborn.  They are not always obedient, and are famous for not coming when called. They do not respond well to heavy-handed training.  (David Falk, listed on the front of this brochure, is our training consultant.)

Airedales want to be with you, and do NOT respond well to being excluded from family life.  They are not suitable outdoor or kennel dogs. We require that our adoption dogs live in the house, and prefer that they sleep in your bedroom.

Since they are the king of the terriers, they are prone to like to dig holes in the yard.   They also drink a lot of water.  Drippy whiskers and dirty feet make muddy floors.  If you're fussy about your house, you'll need to consider this.

Before you get any dog, be sure that you really want the responsibility of a dog.  And take the time to think about what it is you want in a dog.  An Airedale may not be the right one!  

How does the adoption process work?

If you are interested in adopting a rescue dog, call [CONTACT INFORMATION] or email and she will send you an Introduction to Airedale Rescue, an Adoption Application, a copy of the Placement Agreement adopters are required to sign, and [a copy of Starting Over, our rescue newsletter].

After your application is received, we will notify you when we think we have a suitable dog for you. (Your application is our tool in determining the best dog for you.) We will then schedule an appointment to come to your house and meet with you.  We work very hard to be sure that dogs and people are well-matched, so please be sure to alert us to any special considerations.

If we do not have a rescue dog suitable for your family when you first contact us, please be patent.  We usually have "somebody" waiting for a home, but we match dogs with applications, and another may be more suitable for our currently available dog(s).  (If your application is rejected for any reason, you will be notified immediately.)
You may think we seem overly strict about our rules and fanatic about our dogs' well-being.   We learned long ago that we, ourselves, can't keep all the wonderful Airedales who need new homes, but we are deeply committed to finding each dog his last  home, where he and his new family will live happily together for a very long time -- 'till death do them part.
We thank you for your interest in Airedale Rescue!

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Airedale Information

Safety Issues

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