Q. Can we request an amount to have on hand or do we need to wait until the Rescues come in ?

A. We would like you to have these microchips on hand before the rescues come in. We need to keep track of the microchips and we don't want them to be misplaced, so we would like to send you only the number of microchips you are likely to need in three months. We can send out the microchip packages in groups of as few as you would like.

Q. Can I implant these myself ?

A. Yes, you can (if you know how and want to do it).

Q. How do I present the microchip package to my vet?

A. First, print out this letter to your veterinarian requesting that he implant the chip at no charge.

Letter in Word format
Letter in PDF format

  • I use a # 63 envelope ( 6 1/2 x 9 1/2 with clasp)
  • I put the dog's name on the front and his date of birth along with my copy of the sticky with the microchip number
  • I have the entire microchip package opened and inserted in this envelope
  • When I go to the vet's office and sign in the dog I have for check up and set up his first visit, I give the next sticker with the microchip number to the receptionist to stick on the file / chart for that particular dog (this will leave you two stickers on the package with the syringe)
  • Once in the office and the vet is ready to do his shots, I have the sterile package with the microchip syringe ready to hand to him. I do not open it ~ I let him open it.
  • I make sure and get the package back from him once he has inserted the microchip into the dog and I put it back into the envelope. (this is because the other stickers you have not yet used are attached to this package.)
  • Once home I cut away the excess packaging and retain the two chip stickers that are on the packaging and put them back into the envelope.
  • Once I have filled out the form and mailed off the registration I then file the envelope into the dog's file ~ ready for adoption

Q. How do I register the microchip?

A. See letter of instructions in Word format or PDF format

Q. When do we pay the $11 donation?

First, remember that you make the donation only if you have covered all of your expenses and have funds left over.

A. You may make this $11 donation (per microchip kit) at any time.

Example: you receive 10 microchip kits. You wait until you implant 5 of them and have covered your rescue expenses. If you have some rescue funds in excess of your expenses, you can donate $11 for each of the 5 that you implanted. You may send in your check at any time.

Or you wish to make the donation upon receipt of the microchip kits (or any portion) ~ we will accept your donation at any time.

These donations will go directly toward our ability to purchase the next batch of microchips.

If you receive the microchip kits and are unable to make a donation, that is okay too.

Or, if you receive 5 microchip kits and are only able to make a donation of $20 after you have covered your rescue expenses, then that is okay also.

Q. We are a large organization and cover many states and have several regional directors. Is it okay for each of these directors to request the microchip kits according to their need and ability to use them ?

A. Yes. This program is in place to help YOU as a Rescue Volunteer. However we can help you, you need only ask and we'll figure out a good working system.

Q. Can I use these microchips for my personal dogs?
I'm a breeder. Can I use these microchips for my puppies?
Our group is planning an Airedale event, and we have a veterinarian willing to implant microchips. May we use these microchips for that purpose?

A. You may purchase these microchip kits for $15 per kit plus shipping.

Although we don't want to get into the "business" of selling microchips and all of these kits are marked Airedale Terrier Rescue, we are able to sell them to you for implanting into your other dogs and other dogs in the families of Airedales (in other words; some way Airedale related)

In the case of your having an event (an Airedale get together type thing) and you have a vet able to implant on the spot, there is no reason you cannot purchase these kits for such an event and provide the service to your Airedale owning families and friends (even if one of their doggies isn't an Airedale). Because you have a veterinarian providing this service (of implanting on the spot), you should consider increasing the price for that service and perhaps be able to recover the cost of your own microchips.

Remember: our goal is to see that every Airedale is microchipped and able to be reunited if lost.

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Airedale Information

The ATCA Rescue & Adoption Committee fulfills the Airedale Terrier Club of America, Inc. ("ATCA") obligation to protect and advance the interests of the breed by providing services to lost, abandoned, abused or unwanted purebred Airedale Terriers.
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