Profile of Dog for New Home


Airedale Rescue and Adoption

Prepared by____________________________________________



Length of time in foster home_______________________

Name of dog ___________________________________                                           

Age ____________        Birthday_____/_____/_____



    Inoculations        Last Given    Next Needed

        DHLP-P    ____/___/____    ____/____/_____

        Rabies    ____/___/____    ____/____/_____

        Bordatella    ____/___/____    ____/____/_____

        Other    ____/___/____    ____/____/_____

    Heartworm Test ___/___/___

        Brand of Preventive

        _________________    ____/___/____    ____/____/____


    Other Tests Done    Date           Result

    _____________________        ___/___/___    __________________

    _____________________        ___/___/___    __________________

    Spayed/Neutered    ____/_____/______    

               Other Surgery/Comments _________________________________________


    Medication           Type             Dosage           Schedule

             Ear    ___________    ___________    ____________________

            Eye    ___________    ___________    ____________________

            Skin    ___________    ___________    ____________________

         Other    ___________    ___________    ____________________

An examination by your veterinarian should be scheduled for no later than ___/___/___ . At that time, no shots are due, unless you elect to innoculate against Lyme Disease, but the following should be (re)examined    



Feeding Instructions:
Dry dog food should be the main part of your dog's diet.  (For flavor it is okay to add a little canned food, cottage cheese, or even a small amount of leftovers from your own table.)

    Amount dry food____________   1   2   3   Times Daily  

    Brand currently used____________________________________________________



Obedience Training:
    Seems to have some familiarity with

        Sit_______    Down_____    Stay_____

        Shake_____    Heel______    Come____

        Fetch_____    Beg______    Other___________________

    Behavior on leash_____________________________________________________


House Manners:

    "Housebroken"                                      Yes________  No________

    Needs to be crated when  unattended     Yes________  No________

    Gets on furniture                                   Yes________  No________

    Begs at the table                                   Yes________  No________

    Takes things/food off counters/tables       Yes________  No________

    Used to sleeping on_____________in________________(room)


Behavior Outside:

    Jumps / Climbs Fences    Yes_____No______

    Digs Holes                     Yes_____No______

    Barks Excessively           Yes_____No______
    Comments / Suggestions_______________________________________________

Social Behavior:

    Good with  Cats_____  Other dogs  M  F     Birds______   Other_____

               Men_____Women_____Teenagers______Small Children______

    For Grooming         Good_____   Okay_____   Needs Restraint_____

    At Vet's                Good_____   Okay_____   Needs Restraint_____

    In Car                    Good_____   Okay_____   Needs Restraint_____

    With Visitors           Good_____   Okay_____   Needs Restraint_____

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Airedale Information

National Airedale Rescue, Inc., is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation and is the Official Treasury of the Airedale Terrier Club of America (ATCA) Rescue & Adoption Committee. Funds donated to National Airedale Rescue, Inc. are distributed on an as-needed basis to Airedale Rescue volunteers and groups who have agreed to abide by the Airedale Terrier Club of America Rescue & Adoption Committee policies and guidelines.

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