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Name____________________________________ Phone_______-_____-__________




Dog's Name _______________________     M / F    Age___  

Birthdate, if known _____/______/_____

Dates of last innoculations 

DHLP-P___/___/___   Rabies___/___/___   Bordetella___/___/___             

Date of Heartworm check___/___/___

Brand of preventative________________ Next pill due ___/__/___

Adoption fee $__________

(The following agreement specifies what we feel is required to provide a safe and loving home for an Airedale.  Please understand that the details of this contract are based on years of experience and reflect our concern that  owner and dog have a happy life together.   We hope that you will understand that considerable emotional involvement, time, and energy go into insuring that our rescue dogs have the best possible second chance at life.)

I hereby acknowledge receipt of and full responsiblity for the dog described above.  I agree to keep him/her in my possession and to provide proper food, water, shelter and grooming, humane and loving treatment, and complete veterinary care. I agree to comply with the following conditions of adoption and understand that the term "Airedale Rescue" therein describes Airedale Rescue and Adoption


    1)    I agree to accept this dog as my HOUSE PET and companion.
    2)    I agree to provide him/her with a FENCED YARD and/or to keep him/her on a leash whenever outside the confines of a securely fenced area.  I further agree that he/she shall never be kept outside in said yard when no one is at home.            
    3)    I agree to NEVER keep him/her tethered while unattended.

    1)    I agree to have the dog examined by a licensed veterinarian within two weeks after the adoption to determine for myself his/her general health.  ( I understand that prior to the adoption the dog received all shots currently due, and should  need none during this examination.) I further understand that this dog has already been spayed or neutered.
    2)    If I am not satisfied with the dog's condition at that time, I agree to return him/her to Airedale Rescue for a full refund of any donation.
    3)    If I am satisfied with the health of the dog, I agree to assume all veterinary costs thereafter, including yearly examinations and any  shots or tests  due. I will ask questions about the benefits and risks of annual vaccinations with my vet. I understand that in the past, the DHLP (distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvovirus) vaccine was typically given each year, but that these recommendations are changing. Specific vaccine requirements for individual dogs, based on age, health and environment, should be discussed with my veterinarian and the most appropriate vaccination program for each particular dog should be followed. If my veterinarian is not willing to discuss this important health issue with me, I will consider seeking a second opinion.

    1)    I agree to keep the dog in my personal possession.
    2)    I agree not to give away, abandon, sell, or dispose of this dog in any way.  This includes release to family members.
    3)    I agree to notify Airedale Rescue immediately if at any time I no longer desire to keep this dog, or if I become unable to care for him/her as specified herein. Arrangements will be made to return the dog to a representative of Airedale Rescue.
    4)    I agree to notify Airedale Rescue immediately if this dog is lost or stolen.  I agree to make every effort to recover him/her and to pay whatever redemption fee may be assessed should he/she be impounded.
    6)    I agree to never allow him/her to be transported in the open bed of a pick-up truck or similar vehicle.

     1)    I agree to obtain within one month required licenses and a personal identification tag bearing my name and phone number, to be attached to a leather or nylon collar which shall be worn at all times by this dog.
     2)    I agree, when walking this dog on a leash, to attach the leash to a non-escapable collar, such as a martingale collar, halti, "choke collar" or harness.  I realize that a conventional collar may slip over the dog's head,  allowing escape with no identification.
    3)    I agree to comply with all applicable laws relating to control and ownership of this dog.

    1)    Following the adoption, I agree to allow a representative of Airedale Rescue to visit my home to assure that the conditions of this placement agreement are being met, to answer an questions, and to help with any problems that may have developed.  I further understand that someone from Airedale Rescue will be available anytime, at my request, for advice or assistance.
    2)    I agree to release the dog to Airedale Rescue if at any time it is found that I have not complied with the terms of this contract, or am unable to provide adequate care for the dog.

    1)    I agree to hold Airedale Rescue free from any and all liabilities arising from the dog's conduct.
    2)    I agree to assume all responsibility for the defense of any action that may arise during my ownership of this dog.




SIGNATURE______________________________          DATE  ____/____/_____

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Airedale Information

Each year several hundred Airedales find their way into rescue and begin new lives.  Because of the generous support of donors like you, National Airedale Rescue, Inc. is able to assist with the financial needs of Airedale rescue organizations throughout the United States and Canada each year so these great dogs continue to find loving homes.  We appreciate your donations!

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