I got an 11 1/2 year old Airedale when his elderly owner had to move in with younger relatives who did not want a dog as well as the five cats she had. "TJ" was a little arthritic and certainly overweight, but otherwise healthy and a dream of a good dog. Who would adopt a dog of his age?? Then he was met by a couple who seven years ago had adopted two seven year old litter brothers (boys who until that time had never been out of their backyard pen), and though one was recently lost, the other, Hobbes, is still going strong at 14, so when this couple heard about TJ, they thought he sounded young! And so he is, living with happily with them, still three years younger than his new Airedale brother. It's all...relative.


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Airedale Information

Each year several hundred Airedales find their way into rescue and begin new lives.  Because of the generous support of donors like you, National Airedale Rescue, Inc. is able to assist with the financial needs of Airedale rescue organizations throughout the United States and Canada each year so these great dogs continue to find loving homes.  We appreciate your donations!

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