Reprinted with permission of the author, Susan Fox
Excerpts from original article that appeared in ATRA Aire-Mail, June 2008

I would like to tell you about a very stylish tag that my Mom uses on my collar. She always has an extra one around for any of my foster brothers or sisters. It’s also great when you have guests from out-of-town because there’s a local name and number on the tag in case they decide to do a little sightseeing on their own. It has some other real advantages, including not jangling when I walk. Since I am an Airedale, I think I have noise-making covered.


The tag is called a Boomerang Tag and could be a real lifesaver. Since the weather has warmed up lots of you have nice big decks and porches to take an afternoon nap on. Watch out for those little spaces between the boards if you have a tag hanging from your collar! Tragic things can occur if that sturdy little tag gets caught between the boards when you stretch out for that little “cat” nap. Some of my friends have actually strangled themselves trying to get loose. This isn’t a problem with the Boomerang Tag because it doesn’t hang down. You see, the Boomerang is made of Non Magnetic Stainless Steel .060 thick, bent to match the curve of our neck. They guarantee it will not fall off. This tag will fit on any single ply collar or harness that is soft enough to be creased lengthwise in order to attach the tag and can easily be changed from one collar to another.

The tag can accommodate 5 lines of print, is reasonably priced, and has a lifetime guarantee. For the tag on our visitors and foster dogs we put “Airedale” on the first line. It’s astonishing, but there are people who don’t know what an Airedale looks like and if we get lost people need to know that we are Airedales. The remaining lines are for my family’s name, telephone numbers, and the ATRA website. There are so many great people involved with ATRA, it’s like having family everywhere ready to lend a paw! If I ever get lost I know they will get me back to my humans.

My personal tag lists the toll free telephone number for Home Again as well as my identification number. The great thing about the Boomerang Tag is that you can list the information you feel is important (I’m still trying to figure out why my favorite treat isn’t on there).

For more information check out the website at and remember……If you have a favorite toy, bed, treat recipe, or anything else that would be worthy of a genuine Airedalian tuckbuttrun, please have your human send us an email or fax it to us at 740-423-1644.

Wet Beard Kisses,
Piper Fox

Website for Boomerang Collar Tags: 

I AM interested in these tags.  (I had an Airedale whose rabies fell through the planks of the deck.  Thank goodness we were right there.)
We should tell people why the tag should NOT include the dog's name: it's the easiest way for someone to gain your dog's trust and steal it!  I had a foster that had to go to a kennel.  He did not know me.  I stopped by to visit him and he just looked at me.  No reaction what-so-ever.  I said "hello Cap" and he exploded with Airedale excitement!  He still didn't know me but I knew his name and that was all he needed to be happy to see me and to trust me.  So ... no names on ANY tags, blankets, toys, anything!

Carol Guthrie


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