In memory of Hector Comello

Hector entered our lives in January 2004 when we found him at a shelter in Colorado.  He’d  been adopted and returned twice by folks who didn’t know what to expect with an Airedale, but we were prepared by his predecessor Sadie. The qualities that kept landing Hector in the shelter were the very ones we appreciated, so we welcomed him into our family.

In the decade he spent with us, Hector accompanied us through many important phases and milestones, including graduate programs for me and my husband, two cross-country moves, new jobs, and our kids' adolescent years.  Through it all, he kept us grounded by serving as a constant reminder to relish life's simple pleasures.

We fondly remember his many antics.  He expressed his joy by retrieving shoes.  He was a connoisseur of cheese; he'd happily eat any type but was especially attentive when we brought out the expensive stuff.  Every car ride was a Momentous Occasion. Neighbors admired his distinctive prance.  He liked to sleep on his back, against a wall, with his tongue sticking out.  While he slept, he often twitched his paws and vocalized, and we liked to guess at what he might be doing in his dreams -- chasing squirrels or exploring the woods?

We hope he is now enjoying those activities in Heaven (and maybe also a wedge of Gruyere!).  Hector, what shoe will you bring us when we see you next?  Thanks for enriching our lives in so many ways.  We will always love you and cherish the memories! - Nori, Joe, Jacob, and Lucy Comello

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