This is a story about a little dog with a big heart and the woman with an even bigger heart who opened her home to Bella Bella.

The first name attached to this Airedale was “Scruffy”  and she really fit the bill.  She had been horribly neglected and when rescued in North Texas had generalized demodex, a compromised immune system and infections that had spread from the skin to her eyes and ears.  Where there should have been black hair there was black, bald skin. She had lived  alternately in a “hot box” on the back of a pick up and under a mobile home.  She had mothered several litters mostly sired by a neighborhood pit bull. But when rescue got their hands on her, things began to change.  Because of crowding in North Texas Rescue and the benefits of a drier, parasite-free climate in New Mexico, Miss Scruffy made the journey to be fostered in the mountains of New Mexico.

As a foster, she was named “Agatha” after a character in a British mystery series.  She was full of spunk and weathered the various trips to the vet with great spirit.  The demodex was now gone, she had gained weight and she was dressed most of the time to protect her from the sun and the cold weather when it came that fall.

The plan was for her to be fostered in a warmer climate in the winter so she made another journey to Las Vegas, NV where she was to meet Rayma Cartier , soon her be her forever Mom.

It was love at first sight.  Rayma and Agatha (soon changed to Bella Bella) were soul mates. Rayma thought that Bella Bella was a better name and more suited to Agatha’s inner and outer beauty.  Bella did not regrow her hair except on her face but Rayma loved dressing her up.  

Rayma is the adopter we all dream about.  Not only has she loved and provided the best care for Bella Bella, but her foster moms get regular updates and pictures of Bella in various outfits.  One of my favorite pictures arrived in a silver snowflake frame…a face portrait of Bella with a white knitted cap.

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