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This is a special club, consisting of some of the most loyal and dedicated people in rescue.

All good rescue organizations need basic material supplies in order to operate, such as collars and leashes and bowls and of course, food and money. We can have all the supplies, plus the websites and brochures and good people who care about saving dogs that desperately need help, but unless we have a good membership in our Part-Time-Buddy Club, our rescue efforts could be destined to fail.

The members of our Part-Time-Buddy Club are the foster parents who welcome the rescues that come into our rescue program. On a part-time basis, we provide a home to a rescue, and help prepare the dog for his new life. Foster parents are the most important people involved in rescue. It cannot be stated too strongly, GOOD FOSTER HOMES ARE THE REAL BACKBONE OF ANY RESCUE ORGANIZATION.

Without foster homes, it becomes necessary to put our rescues into boarding until they can be adopted. While they may be in safekeeping, boarding cannot provide rescues the benefits derived while living in a foster home. A foster home provides a relaxed and secure environment as the rescue adjusts to his new situation, while the noise and confusion of a boarding kennel can be a scary place to a dog recently uprooted from his old home. Foster parents are able to provide the evaluation of a rescue’s personality and behavior that is so important when matching a rescue and a new adopting family. A foster parent can provide training in basic obedience, socialization, and normal interaction with people and other animals, all or most of which are generally not available to boarded dogs.

Rescues that require special care and training prior to adoption must have the advantage of living with caring and experienced Airedale people where they can learn. Enough could not be said on the importance of foster care to our rescues.

Why is there a lack of foster homes?

Overall, I’d say the biggest reason is fear. Fear is what holds us back from trying some of the best things in this world! Let’s just face those fears right now.

  • Fear of not knowing how to be a foster parent. This is an easy fear to overcome. There are extensive written directions and procedures to follow that have been provided by well-experienced foster care parents.

    * Minimum Requirements
    * Beyond the Basics
    * Foster Care Tips
    * Sample Foster Volunteer Questionnaire

    Think of fostering as doing the same things you do for your own dog, only for a shorter time! Daily care, feeding, grooming, reinforcing obedience, occasional health treatments, and giving the dog love and affection.

  • Fear of falling in love with the rescue dog and not being able to part with him. Let’s think this through. Will you fall in love with the rescue? I certainly hope so, because by loving the dog, and the dog loving you, a wonderful relationship will be created that greatly benefits that rescue. A happy, relaxed and secure dog, going into his forever home, is the best recipe for a happy adjustment.
One question that is frequently asked: “How can you let him go when it is time to send him to his forever home?” My answer is this: “When you know he is going to a happy home, and you realize you can’t help another rescue if you don’t let this one go to make room for the new one.”

Will you miss the dog when he leaves? Well, of course! This is when you need to be the leader and think more about the needs of the rescue than your personal needs. FACT: The rescue will adjust quickly to his forever home.

Having fostered several hundred Airedale rescues over my many years in rescue, I can tell you there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a rescue that had come into your home as a shy and sometimes fearful dog, leave with the full confidence of a happy, well adjusted Airedale. That rescue will never forget what you did for him. When you see him again, it will be a happy reunion, because he will remember you! Seeing that rescue as he recognizes you and does his happy dance to see you again – that is such a wonderful moment that only foster parents can experience and enjoy.

When you keep busy helping another rescue, you won’t have time to feel lonely. The joy of providing this love and care to each rescue is its own reward.

Every rescue group needs more foster volunteers. Where do foster parents come from?

  • Every experienced Airedale owner is a potential P-T-B (Part-Time-Buddy). If you have the desire to be a Part-Time-Buddy, a discussion with the Airedale Rescue Coordinator in your area is the quickest way to determine if you currently have the experience, the proper home setup, and other requirements for fostering. If you find a lacking in one area, you can work on that area in preparation to becoming a Part-Time-Buddy in the future.
  • Every adopter of a Rescued Airedale is a potential P-T-B. If you have successfully adopted a rescued Airedale, you probably have the skills to learn to be a Part-Time-Buddy. Contact the area volunteer that placed your rescued Airedale with you and let her know of your interest. She can help you determine if this is the right choice for you.
  • The potential adopter who plans to adopt a rescued Airedale in the future is a potential P-T-B. While circumstances may prohibit you from making a permanent adoption at this time, perhaps you could take on a temporary position of a P-T-B during that wait period. This would be a real win/win situation!

Boarding is an expensive alternative to foster care, and simply can’t provide the same benefits that YOU can provide when serving as a Part-Time-Buddy.

Sign up soon as a Part-Time-Buddy and make a rescue happy, plus save many valuable rescue dollars for your rescue group. We need you!

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