We all know the saying, “Work smarter, not harder.”  As a believer in that philosophy I’d like to suggest how you can organize the information about rescue contacts and related information in the area in which you work.

First, get a standard, snap-open, 3-ring notebook, one that you will carry in your car when out on Airedale rescue volunteer business.  Purchase or make dividers for that notebook so you can easily locate the sections of information you will be entering into that notebook.

This is NOT the same as the Presentation Notebook we discussed in our last article. The Presentation Notebook is one you carry with you when calling on contacts in your area.  The AIREDALE RESCUE VOLUNTEER NOTEBOOK is your personal rescue notebook, with your personal notes on people and places you work with.



Information on this page will identify who owns this notebook, should it be misplaced or lost.  Information to include:

  • One of your Airedale volunteer business cards can be stapled/glued to the page.
  • If no card, write your name - phone number - email address.
  • If your notebook has a pocket, that is a handy place to store several of your calling cards.


This section will define the geographical area that you are able to cover for Airedale Rescue.  This could be described as:

  • The distance in miles you’re able to travel from your residence
  • Counties within your state you can cover
  • Names of cities and towns within the area
  • Coverage of complete state or states
  • Include any maps that will be helpful.


This section is to hold a copy of the National Rescue Roster.  You can find this on the NAR website.  Go to and from the opening page click on “About Rescue”.  From the drop down menu, select “Regional Rescue Contacts”.  Print this list of contacts for your notebook.  This provides you ready information when you need to contact Airedale Rescue volunteers in other areas of our country.

If you are in a group that has their own roster, include that in this section also.

NOTE: Frequent changes are made to the rosters, so be sure to FREQUENTLY check and update your rosters.


This section should contain veterinarians in your geographical area.

  • Prepare a separate page for each veterinarian/clinic in your area, and put the      following information on that vet’s/clinic’s page.
  • Note the address and contact information:  phone, fax, email.
  • Name of contact person(s) at each clinic
  • Which vets will work with rescue
  • Courtesy discounts each vet will give to Airedale Rescue
  • Vets that have boarding facilities
  • Discount vets will give to Airedale Rescue on Boarding
  • Create notes on each clinic as you visit

On return visits, these notes will be helpful.  Call employees by name when you can.  Having noted information from previous visits gives you credibility when you call again, you won’t have to ask the same questions twice.


This section is for shelters in your geographical area.  Prepare a separate page for each shelter in your area, and put the following information on that shelter’s page.

  • Record address and contact information:  phone, fax, email.
  • Visit and establish contact with each shelter. (REVIEW ART ARTICLE #12:  Working With Animal Shelters in Your Area.)
  • If you’re able to offer help at a shelter, find what areas need help.
  • Keep notes as to what you have offered, and dates, etc.


This section should contain groomers within your area.  Create a sheet for each grooming shop.

  • Which groomers will work with rescue?
  • What discount the groomers will offer Airedale Rescue?
  • Always make notes of the names of owners and employees.
  • Evaluate:  Would you leave your dog there?


This section is for boarding kennels within your area.

  • Which boarding kennels will work with rescue
  • What discount the kennels will offer Airedale Rescue
  • Evaluate:  Would you leave your dog there?


Use this section to list Airedale breeders within your area. Keep updated information, such as:

  • When do these breeders usually have litters
  • How many litters do they produce annually
  • Number of pups in each litter
  • Price they sell the pups for

ATCA breeders will be aware of Airedale Rescue and what we do.  It is a courtesy to introduce yourself to them.

Backyard breeders may or may not be receptive to your services.  However, dogs produced by these breeders are the dogs we frequently get into rescue.  It could be to your advantage to introduce yourself and explain what we do.


In this section, create a list of advertising places for dogs that you can check for lost dogs or dogs in need of adoption:

  • List of local papers that have advertising for dogs
  • Craigslist for your area
  • Petfinder for your area
  • Any other pet service you choose to use


...remember that this is YOUR notebook, ready for you to record all the information that will be helpful to have at your fingertips.  Creating this information in a 3-ring binder allows for easy insert and/or removal of pages as the information changes.  Work smarter, not harder!

ART Newsletter Copyright 2010 by Sally Schnellmann and National Airedale Rescue.  Reproduction in whole or in part is forbidden without the publisher's written permission.

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