is for Airedale


2010 ADT-L Quilting Bee

Fundraising Art Quilt

While children learn their alphabet in school with the usual help of “A” is for Apple – anyone with an Airedale in their home knows that Airedales have their own version of the “Alphabet”. 

Alphabet quilts have been created throughout history with many themes – birds, flowers, animals, babies, school blocks and scores of others.  But the ladies in the Bee felt that an Airedale’s take on an alphabet quilt would surely be very different with that great sense of humor, fun and devil-may-care attitude… so we proudly offer you a truly beautiful art quilt, made with love, pride and incredible talent!

Ladies and gentleman – please look over each and every block, visit each blockmaker’s page by clicking on their letter and ENJOY!

A is for Airedale. - Sue Senerchia B is for ball. - Rebecca Eash F is for fleas. - Susann Trandem G is for guard. - Maryellen Estes C is for catch. - Eunice Lazarou D is for dig. - Rose Knowles H is for hunt. - Dee Marino I is for itchy face rub. - Sue Senerchia E is for eat. - Carolyn Finlayson J is for jump. - Lori Taylor
K is for King of Terriers. - Susan Widmar L is for leash. - Carol Elsworth P is for play bow. - Karen Brown Q is for question. - Jeri Langman M is for mischievous. - Marianne Perry N is for nose poke. - Nancy Messier R is for roll over. - Linda Bell S is for sit up. - Christie Williams O is for off. - Karen Conner T is for tuck butt run. - Jeanne Esmond and Carolyn Finlayson
U is for up. - Jeannette Grantner V is for Veterinarian. - Jeri Langman W is for wag. - Eileen Tedesco. X is for x-pen. - Kate Hefright Y and Z are for yawn zzzz..... - Pam Jones

DUE TO FEDERAL GAMING REGULATIONS – raffle tickets are not allowed to be sold over the internet.  The Airedale Quilting Bee has taken all possible steps to adhere to these regulations and to meet the criteria set forth by PayPal – this year’s fundraiser is a “donation” based project – with donations accepted in the following amounts:

·       $5.00 – an opportunity to receive the ““A is for Airedale” Art quilt as a door prize.

·       $25.00 – an opportunity to receive the “A is for Airedale” Art Quilt and/or “The Erudite Airedale” Art quilt(s) as door prizes.

·       $50.00 – an opportunity to receive the “A is for Airedale”, and/or “The Erudite Airedale” and/or “Airedales Downunder” art quilt(s) as a door prizes.


Each of these donations will place you in a tier that will enable you to be eligible for just one or two or three door prizes. If you have questions regarding the donation tier, please feel free to contact the ADT-L Quilting Bee project manager via email. The drawings for the door prizes will be made Sunday October 10th, 2010 during the Montgomery Specialty weekend.

Thank you to all who helped support Airedale Rescue this year.

The person who will receive "A is for Airedale" is Penny Simpson of Nevada.

The person who will receive "The Erudite Airedale" is Janice of New Jersey.

The person who will receive "Airedales Downunder" is Dee Luilk of Illinois.



Previous recipients of incentives.




Bonus Quilt

"The Erudite Airedale"


Bonus Bonus Quilt

"Airedales downunder"








Designed by Holly Coes