The Erudite Airedale


 what happens to 'dales who learn their alphabet

Joyce Miller

Texas, USA


Until two years ago, I confidently said "I am not a quilter," but that I had the privilege of helping the talented Ladies of the Bee publicize the fabulous quilts they make to support Airedale Rescue.  Then, in May 2008, I found that I had hit send on an offer to do a square for the 2009 quilt.

What was I thinking? I got cold feet. Then Gena Boohers drew a perfect pattern for the Little Match Dale and my good friend, Becky Preston, taught me how to make the square.  

Airedales have been a significant part of my life for the past 43 years, starting with Octan in 1967. Today, my husband, Gene Wolfe, and I share our home with three Airedales, Hannah (14), Neisha (7), and Kate (4). Neisha and Kate help me do my work with children, teaching children how to be safe around dogs, helping them understand what it means to be a responsible owner, and helping Girl Scouts earn their Pet Care badge.

I love to learn new things and tell others about them, and this is exactly what I do for the Bee and other Airedale organizations until 2009, the year when I learned that quilting is fun! – from that beginning, I have not stopped making appliqués for wall-hangings, aprons, tote bags, t-shirts, and sweatshirts, including a wall-hanging to benefit Texas Airedale Rescue, a piece using a painting by Airynaa Tannberg, an artist in Australia. A picture of Neisha with her very own bag for the work she does shows the appliqué I have made from Airynaa’s painting.

And this year, I designed a pattern I called the Erudite Airedale for the Bonus Bonus Quilt, and once again, my good friend, Becky Preston, helped me, this time with the stitching because my vision was giving me problems – not to worry: that is fixed now, and that is a good thing because I have found a crazy quilt top, made by my mother in the 1950s, and I need to add batting and a backing so I can give it to my daughter

I am looking forward to more work with the Bee on future quilts, and I have several items in the works for Texas Airedale Rescue.

Erudite means educated and the beginning of the word is pronounced "aire". The design is all about how learned Airedales are, especially those who have learned their A B Cs (basic training and interaction with their people).

"The Erudite Airedale" is 24" X 26" and has a sleeve for a rod to hang it with.