The Erudite Airedale


 what happens to 'dales who learn their alphabet

Becky Preston

Texas, USA


I have been involved with Airedales for almost 20 years now and Airedale Rescue for almost as long!  I am owned by 3 Airedales, Nova, Minuet, Charm and 2 Border Terriers, JJ and Diva.  I am currently the treasurer for the Texas Airedale Rescue Team and since I own a boarding kennel, find that I frequently have rescues waiting for adoption or foster homes staying here with me.  I love it because it gives me a chance to know most of our wonderful rescues!

I started quilting small pieces about 7 years ago and have truly enjoyed it.  I have accumulated quite a “stash” of fabrics, but never seem to have just the right shade which leads to more fabric.  My favorite things to quilt are pet portraits where I create a quilted portrait from a picture of the animal.  I have attached a picture of Cheryl Silver’s Basenji, Hank that I did for her from the accompanying photo.

Each year the Airedale Quilt raises much needed funds for Airedale Rescue and I am proud to be even a small part of it.