Airedales Downunder


PearlDale - Anne Marie Serrano UluruDale (Aires Rock) - Anne Marie Serrano SnorkelDales - Jenny Patience
PearlDale - Anne Marie Serrano SurflDales - Jenny Patience Waltzing Matild’Aire  - Sue Forrester SnorkelDales - Jenny Patience DivaDale - Anne Marie Serrano
SurfaireDale - Jenny Patience Waltzing MatilDaire DivaDale - Anne Marie Serrano TassieDale - Jenny Patience


The idea for ‘Airedales Downunder’ was hatched in late 2009, when three of us, American Anne Marie Serrano, and Australians Jenny Patience & Sue Forrester, were having a ‘girls’ weekend’ in country Victoria, Australia.   

Anne Marie, together with her husband Fergus and their two Airedales, had spent a year in Australia and our friendship grew strongly during that time.  It was during our farewell weekend prior to her return to the States that the plan evolved. 

We are all passionate about Airedale Rescue, and each of us has Rescue Airedales.  It’s where our hearts are.  If we could help raise some more dollars for so many needy, abused and neglected Airedales in USA, how good would that be? We would offer a Bonus Quilt to the Quilt Fundraiser that is held each year, culminating in October in Montgomery, PA.   

And so, in 24 hours, we had sketched, planned and visualized the whole plot.  To our delight, the Quilting Bee accepted our offer and we were off and running. 

Rather than a Quilt, we chose to create a Wall Hanging instead, as it allowed us to incorporate 3-dimensional work.  Appliquéd and quilted on a fabric map of Australia divided into the States, we would translate iconic Australian activities into Airedalean moments.  Moments which would be instantly recognizable given that Airedales have the same high spirited, loveable sometimes devilish, quirky, intelligent behaviour the world over.   

Queensland, best known for the Great Barrier Reef, presents our two SnorkelDales; they know that you must never dive alone.   They are enjoying swimming amongst the colored fish, coral and sea stars in the warm waters of the Coral Sea. 

Everyone knows the Sydney Opera House, icon of Australia.  Not everyone knows that Ms DivaDale, she of the glorious voice, elegant black frock and gleaming jewelry, often sings her heart and soul out under the bright starry skies of the south.  If you listen hard, you are sure to catch her pure notes soaring through the night aire. 

And who has not heard of Waltzing Matild’Aire, the famous bushman, swaggie, and outback wanderer of Australian folklore?  Caught in a moment of repose, he sits by his campfire near the billabong. His little mate, the Jumbuck, looks on somewhat anxiously ~ there’s something in the song about tucker bags and jumbucks and he’s not too sure about that.  The koalas watch from the nearby Coolibah as the great moon rises over the water. Later, he’ll roll out his swag for a good night’s sleep. 

As we move to the wide heart of Australia, near to the giant rock known as Uluru, here’s kindly Mrs Kanga’dale offering to give MamaDale (UluruDale) a bit of a break from Joey, the Puppaire.  She’ll take him for a hop across the desert to see the sights of the Red Center, and bring him home in time for Aire tea. 

Far to the west is the rugged Kimberley and the wild west coast of Western Australia.  Famous around the world for its fine pearls, and rich wildflowers, it is a magnet for travelers.  Pretty Miss PearlDale, lover of all things beautiful, has found a valuable string of pearls lying in a Bower Bird's display bower, amongst the flowers. So excited is she with her find that she pronks her way across the landscape, showing off her treasure to everyone she meets.

Further south, the waters of the Indian Ocean offer fine surfing for our SurfaireDale.  He’s a strong handsome lad, accustomed to the big breaks, and handles his board like a pro.  Penguins natter and potter amongst the rockpools; you never know when a tasty fish might be there for the picking. 

Way to the southeast, TassieDale is not to be overlooked.  His bright shiny eyes and big black nose tell us that he loves his food (what Airedale does not?).  He wears a little red apple identification disc, which shows he belongs to the Apple Isle, aka Tasmania.  Cute, huh? 

It has given us great joy, half a world apart yet as close as sisters could ever be, to create something very special  ~ for Airedales.  Huge credit goes especially to Anne Marie for shouldering the bulk of the work in assembling, quilting and adding all the finishing touches that enhance its unique-ness.  
 We hope that our gift of Airedales Downunder will find a wonderful ‘forever home’, but most of all, we know that our beloved Airedales ~ wherever they are in the world ~ will benefit from the love, care and commitment that they receive from everyone connected with Airedale Rescue. 

Sue Forrester

Jenny Patience

Anne Marie Serrano

Three friends joined in love for our Airedales, and for the sisterhood we have found in creating Airedales Downunder.

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