is for Airedale


Incentives received for August 20th to 29th draw.

A - is for Airedale – metal Airedale donated by Susann Trandem – Linda McVey

C – is for Cards – pack of playing cards donated by Susann Trandem – Cheryl Peake

A-Z Airedale Ornament –donated by artist – Diane Richey – Deidre Calabro

M is for Max – Autographed book of Life to the Max donated by author Robin Reynolds – Barbara Durance


P is for Pierrot – Airedale Ornament donated by Susann Trandem – Janet Corbett

Incentive received for August 30th to September 3rd draw.

"Kuta's First Portrait" - Donor and artist Susan Olsen. - Joyce Ferreira


Incentive received for September 6th to September 9th draw.


C – is for Christmas – a Christmas Package of; 4 ornaments, a pin and a Christmas stocking donated by Susann Trandem – Shannon Seckler



The person who put us over the $6,000 mark.

 "Emma's Journey" donated by Sue Forrester – Stacey Hawkins

Incentive received for September 16th to September 20th draw.

 "FurEver Dales" coupon donated by Stephanie MacNeill – Pam Jones

Incentive received for September 22nd to September 25th draw.

"Everything Airedale" donated by Susann Trandem, Robin Reynolds and Melissa Langer – Cindy Berner  


Incentives received for September 27th to September 29th draw.


"Reading the Airedale Way" - book: "Life to the Max" donated by author Robin Reynolds  – Pam Vandergrift


 "Reading the Airedale Way"  - book: "Houses Full of Laughter" donated by Susann Trandem – Mary Seibert


"Reading the Airedale Way"  - book: "The Dog That Stole Football Plays" donated by Susann Trandem   – Sally Schnellmann

The person who put us over the $9,000 mark.

"Emma's Journey" donated by Sue Forrester  – Sandra Merwin

Incentives received for October 1st to October 4th draw.

"Super Finale"  -  – Patty Eisenbraun


"Super Finale"  -  – Linda Riggs

"Super Finale"  -  – Sharyn Sexton  
"Super Finale"  -  – Cindy Trumble  
"Super Finale"  -  – Frances Huscher  
"Super Finale"  -  – Elizabeth Karier