Holly Coes

Ottawa, Canada


I live in Orleans, near Ottawa, Ontario. I am a mother of two girls. My oldest two- legged daughter Jessica is nineteen and is in college taking Architectural Technology. Steve, my spouse, has two grown children who no longer live at home; Karolyn (who has a Wheaton Terrier) and Spencer. My Aire girl, Shady Lady, alias Ginger, is nine years old.  Ginger is my first Airedale and I love her impish, playful character. I believe that each furkid we have is here to teach us a lesson, and for Ginger it is that life should be fun. I think her theme song is “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”. At nine she is still very playful.

I am a contract agent working from home. In my spare time I like to kayak in the summer and cross country ski in the winter. Computers are a hobby I enjoy all year long.

I host the Airedale Quilting Bee site, and I am also its Web Page Designer. Furthermore, I am co-moderator for the ADT Quilting Bee List, and the Queen Bee's co-pilot. This is the ninth quilt that I have had the pleasure to be involved with. 

Working on the Marketing Web Pages is my way of contributing to Airedale Rescue.