is for king of terriers.



Susan Widmar

Minnesota, USA


Susan Widmar lives in St. Paul, Minn., with her husband of 26+ years. They have no children, but when Nick showed interest in having a dog (1994). Susan, who grew up with a 'dale, said that would be fine, "You can have any dog you like as long as it's an Airedale." After raising and saying goodbye to two Highpoint Airedales, they now are very much owned by Chloe, a rescue from Airedale Terrier Rescue & Adoption (ATRA).

Working full-time in marketing and communications, Susan was left with a lot of spare time after graduating from a master's program in spring 2009. A long-time-ago embroiderer, Susan decided to take a crack at applique for the Bee's quilt. She reports that applique is both difficult and quick to reveal that there is arthritis in them-thar fingers.

Susan is a volunteer with ATRA, doing transports and home visits. She soon will take the reins of the ATRA monthly newsletter. She is a member of the Twin Cities Airedale Terrier Club.