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Karen Conner

Kansas, USA


My name is Karen Conner and I live in Cherryvale, Kansas with my husband Rex and Gretchen.  About 3 Ĺ years ago, our son was deployed to Afghanistan and I needed a project.  We had lost our boxer a few years ago, which left us with Anjou, our Chihuahua.  (I know Ė strange combination)

We had talked about getting an Airedale for quite some time, and to make a long story short, adopted Gretchen from Oklahoma Airedale Rescue at age 8 months.  Now thatís a project!  We had lost our boxer to cancer a few years earlier, and were left with only our Chihuahua, Anjou. (I know Ė strange combination!)  Anjou tolerated (barely) Gretchen but she was very good with him.  When Gretchen first came home, we were terrified she would eat him, but after a few months couldnít understand why she didnít!  We lost Anj in March to heart failure at 15, so are back to just our big girl.  She has come a long way from the wild child she was when we first got her.  She is wonderful with children and other dogs and everybody loves her.  My dad adores her but wishes she didnít want to chase his c-a-t-s; he says she would be just about perfect then.

I work as the Board Clerk for our local school district.  In small schools, that consists of purchasing agent, human resources, office manager, budget, jack of all trades.  I come from a long line of quilters, but this is my first year with the Airedale quilt.  It has been a wonderful experience to see all the different pieces coming together.

Gretchenís favorite place (when sheís not trying to climb in your lap), is sitting or walking on the railing around our deck.  I call this her Snoopy WWI flying ace pose.  She loves to peek around the corner of the house and watch the world go by.  We are famous as the house with that funny dog.   Her friend Jasper, the lab canít quite figure it out, so when he comes over, he just knocks her off.  I think it is the doggy version of king of the hill.