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Jeri Langman

Florida, USA


I’ve been working with the Bee since 2001. Without any clue as to how I could help, I responded to a page on - asking for volunteers. As with many of the Bee members that came after the first few quilts, I was amazed at the beauty and cleverness of those first quilts; I admired the beautiful workmanship and use of fabric. I never dreamed that I could even begin to create this type of art.

I started by offering to help with computer stuff and then volunteered to create the labels (after all, I’m a darn good seamstress and I can out embroidery anyone with my handy, dandy Janome)! Then Annette’s House started to unfold, I truly wanted to be a part of it, but I had never done appliqué and I didn’t want to let the Bee down… Christie Williams drew the block for me – a very simple one – Bentley flying the Kat Kite on top of Annette’s House… from there – it was Katie bar the barn door…

I inherited the Quilting Bee from one of the original quilters who needed time off, I had to learn not only to create a block, but how to assemble a quilt, bind the quilt, market the quilt and work with all the personalities of the great ladies that truly make up the BEE. This has been the best of all experience, I've learned to be a quilter and now enjoy quilting and fiber art!

Along the way, I’ve meet truly remarkable women, Artists that give freely of their time and talents to draw the art work for us, women that fret over each stitch, worry about how each block will look as a whole, assemble these beautiful quilts, work all night to get webpages ready, volunteer to get promo prizes, write out donation slips till their hands cramp, load up their cars before dawn and drive hours to get to Montgomery and then sit in the rain and mud to get the donations for the quilts and last but not least – friends of the Bee that work with us around the world to spread the message about our quilts.
Our quilts have been features in magazines as well as being exhibited at the Museum of the Dog (AKC). We’ve raised over $120,000 for Airedale Rescue and I’ve been the lucky one – I’ve meet truly great ladies and men who work tirelessly for this project.

I live in a small town in North Florida just outside of Gainesville (Go Gators!) with my husband - Ron, a very handsome Airedale – Bentley, two Quarter Horses – Dash & Robbie , as well as a pack of squirrels, raccoons, blue birds, cardinals and once in a while a beautiful hummingbird.
If you’ve enjoyed seeing these quilts over the years, please share this year’s quilts with all your friends and please give generously to Airedale Rescue…