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Our volunteers, Bobbi Procyk, Cathy Biersack and Jeanne Combo, are contacts for any lost Airedales we are made aware of. If you need to contact them about a lost or found Airedale, click here. You may attach one photo. Thank you!  

Sasha lost in Eugene, Oregon, has been reunited

Four dogs (including 2 Airedales) are lost in Halls, Tennessee, Knoxville area

June 22, 2011

Last night Tuesday the 21st during the bad thunderstorm I lost four of my dogs they got scared and my two males ran out the front door when the wind blew it open they are 1-male neutred airedale and 1-male unneutured walker(red and white) later on during the storm my two females got out and ran off too they are both neutured one is a airedale she is older and really need to find her cause she cant handle much for her age probably will have blood on face ears are scabbed over and scabs busted not long before she ran away the other female has a orange hunting coller on and rabies tag she is tan and black with a long tail please if you have any info contact me at 865-441-0359 they were lost in the Temple Acres Subdvison. The male walker had a leash around his neck so there is the big concern that he may have got the leash stuck on something please help me find my dogs they are like children to me. Thank you There are pics of Daisy (brown and tan) female, Diesel (walker red and white) Holly (airedale brown and black) Joe looks like holly just curleyer he is male airedale

Lost female Airedale in Gastonia, Charlotte, North Carolina

June 21, 2011

Our 7 year old Airedale Terrier got our of our fence yesterday, sometime between 10am and 11am. She is Black and Brown and about 50 pounds. She was wearing a green collar that has "Abby" embroidered on it. She was lost near Modena Street in Gastonia. Please call 704-904-5554 if you see her.

Zoe lost in Baltimore, Maryland

June 20, 2011

A 6 year old female Airedale Terrier is lost in historic Ellicott City. Answers to the name Zoe, is skiddish around people, tends to bark alot. Around 115 pounds, and 2-3 feet tall. With tan(brown) legs, chest, and head, and with a black body. Probably has a chain collar and a leather collar on. Doesn't look 115 pounds looks smaller, since she got a haircut. Ran off June 8th, 2011. If you find or see a dog that matches this desciption please call:   443-895-0694   410-461-6054   410-409-9815   410-409-9814

Rosie lost in Manassas, Virginia is reunited with her family!

Pearl lost in Knoxville, Tennessee has been reunited!

Lost female Airedale in Alamagordo, New Mexico

June 11, 2011

She slipped her collar and out the fence she went. She headed north out of Alamagordo. She is extremly shy, so please call animal control. Contact

Lost Airedale in Historic Ellicott City Area, Maryland

June 10, 2011

A 6 year old Airedale Terrier. Answers to the name Zoe, is skiddish around people, tends to bark alot. Around 115 pounds, and 2-3 feet tall. With tan(brown) legs, chest, and head, and with a black body. Probably has a chain collar and a leather collar on. Doesn't look 115 pounds looks smaller, since she got a haircut. Ran off June 8th, 2011.
If you find a dog that matches this desciption please call:


Or return to:
3379 Walnut Drive, Ellicott City, MD, 21043

Airedale and Heeler lost in Spokane, Washington

June 9, 2011

5 pm today a Brown and black Airedale and small red heeler call Rick 3898232

Airedale Puppy missing in Oakland, California has been reunited!


Female Airedale lost in Medford, California

June 1, 2011

female airedale terrier, 56 pounds, back and tan wirey hair, please call 541-770-8076. Location: Jackson School

Roxy lost in Buderim, Australia

May 23, 2011

Lost Airedale Terrier Buderim Australia..... Roxy in Buderim Area Storm 23 May at 5:00pm please ring 54769743 if found


Lost Airedale, Pleasantville, New Jersey

May 20, 2011

Adult Airedale 12 years old, has shaky left leg, has red electric fence collar, answers to "Space". Owner: 609-231-6997


Airedale and Standard Poodle lost in Allentown, Pennsylvania

May 17, 2011

Lost two dogs. One Airedale tan/black with nondocked tail. The tail is curled on the Airedale and is cut short. One Standard Black Poodle she is very petite in size and cut short. Dogs are companions and were raised together. Hopefully traveling together or could be separated.

They were lost east of Coopersburg Boro and Rt. 309 could be anywhere.

Please call 610-282-9294 or 610-428-7756


Airedale lost in Lincoln Park, MI has been reunited!



Rosey lost in Lebanon, Ohio is home safe!



Seamus is lost in Hackleburg, Alabama

May 6, 2011

Seamus was last seen at Newell Dr. in Hackleburg, AL on April 28. He was fine at that time. He disappeared after dusk on the 28th. He is an over-large airedale, mahogany with black saddle and is about 6 years old. Coat is scissor-cut short, not clipped. Please contact me if you have seen him. 256-318-4114


Male and female Airedale lost in Port Orchard, Washington were found.



Female Airedale lost in Branford, Connecticut


May 3, 2011

HEFTY REWARD!!! No questions asked. Female, 48 pounds, Airedale Terrier, black and tan..... Branford CT but could be anywhere by now. Someone has her...again, no questions asked..........give her back to us or a third party and the check is yours!



Male Airedale lost in San Marcos, California


April 30, 2011

130-pound Black and Tan Airedale Terrier went missing Saturday night (30-April-2011) between Twin Oaks golf course and San Marcos cemetery.

Please call: 760-707-4685


Guiness lost in Missoula, Montana

April 26, 2011

Male black and tan Airedale. Last seen 04/21/20ll east of Pablo at the end of Courville Trail. He had on a collar with tags. $50.00 reward for the return of Guinness. Please call 675-4091. We all miss him.


Sydnie lost in South Redding, California


April 22, 2011

Lost is our 7 year old Airedale Terrier. She is a medium to large size with Typical black, Gold and Brown coloring. She has her winter coat so it is a bit long. She is wearing a tag with our address and phone number. We so love her and miss her ... Come home Sydnie
Location: South Redding, Sacramento Dr/Girvan Road



Oorang Airedalelost in Ellet (Akron, Ohio area)


April 22, 2011

Missing oorang airedale in ellet area. He is a male aprox 130-140 pounds. He has been missing since Nov/Dec 2010. We miss him very much and hope that to have him back home asap. Please contact us if you have seen him. He is aproximately 7 years old. Not sure if he has his tags on or not. Faye Rd area. Contact Craigslist e-mail:


Lost Airedale in Muskegon, Michigan


April 21, 2011

Missing Airedale dog Red with black tail and saddle. missing since April 18,2011. Contact
Location: Maple Island Rd and Hts Ravenna Muskegon


Airedale lost in Nashville, Tennessee area has been found



Jack missing in Orchards/Vancouver, Washington has been found



Penny lost in Redmond (canal area), Oregon


April 1, 2011

Missing brown and black Airedale terrier. Her name is Penny. Last seen near greens at Redmond golf course area. She's wearing a large blue cone like protector. If found, please contact me at 541-325-1109


Zeus and Shepherd missing in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, Minneapolis area are reunited!



Pete is missing in Brainerd, Minnesota


March 24, 2011

Our very, very, very loved family pet is missing. Please contact us if you have seen him.
Pete is an Airedale(brown and black) He had on a black collar with silver bones and id tags when he went missing. He has a microchip. He is approx. 3 feet tall and 65 pounds. He's a handsome, sweet dog and we miss him. He was last seen on state Hwy 6. If you have seen him or if you know someone who recently 'acquired' a new Airedale, please contact Craigslist e-mail


Male Airedale lost in Newcastle, Washington has been found.



Cisco lost in Mt. Airy, Pennsylvania


March 20, 2011

LOST!! HELP!! REWARD IF FOUND!! Large Tan/Black Dog Airdale Terrier about 65 pounds last seen in the MT. AIRY area. Last seen with the woman in the picture. I actually lost 2 Airedales that were together. One was found, however one was not. There were several phone calls made to the police saying they were seen at Leads Middle School, Crittenden St., & The Getty Gas Station at Lowber & Mt. Airy Ave.

His name is Cisco and he belongs to a loving family. If you see this dog or woman, please call 267-331-5180 or 267-616-6333 or


Female Airedale lost in West Medford, Oregon


March 20, 2011

Female Airdale terrier 10 years old black and tan wiry hair 56 pounds.


Loudavik lost in Menifee, California


March 19, 2011

Lost male airedale terrrier, he is black and tan and about 70 pounds. He goes by the name Loudavik and Puppy. If you have any iformation please contact me at 951-200-9636.



Ellie is lost in the Washington DC area is home again!



Male Airedale missing in Greensboro, North Carolina is back home again!




Roscoe lost in Kansas City, Missouri


March 9, 2011

Lost large Airedale named Roscoe. He disappeared late Sunday night in the area of Comcast on Little Blue Parkway. He lives in in the trailer park right across the street. He went out around 11:00 to go to the bathroom and vanished into the night. Roscoe is about eight years old and has dark brown and tan curly hair all over. I love this dog so much and I just lost my son and cant stand the thought of losing Roscoe too. He isnt wearing a collar which is my bad but if you think you have seen him or know anyone who has please call 816-808-7076my name is Mitch Thanks


Katie lost in Niagra Falls, Ontario, Canada


March 9, 2011

A 3 year old Airedale, Katie is missing from Bevan Heights area. It is a very sad story. An 85 year old gentleman bought the dog off a friend from Lockport N.Y. He brought Katie home last Friday. Katie was in and out in his fenced back yard numerous times. She was out in the evening and when he tried to bring her in she got spooked and ran from him. He tried most of the night but no luck. At 4 am he fell asleep. She was in the yard in the morning. Mr. creed went to put some warm clothes on and when he returned to the back door. Katie was gone. She squeezed through a small gap in the gate.

There was a sighting of her Sunday in the Queenston Quarry. Also on Monday at the entrance service road of Hwy 405. Nothing since. Louise and I spent Tuesday morning having a look in the area and on the highway. I went back in the afternoon and searched the quarry for hours. Nothing! I was really hoping for a good outcome.

Being from the Queenston area, it would be helpful letting friends and neighbours know about Katie. Even folks that may travel in or around that area. If Katie is still alive and well she could be anywhere from this end of Niagara Falls all the way into Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Katie is a female, 3 year old Airedale, 2 tone brown in colour, wearing a collar with tags. She is brand new to the area and very scared.

If Katie is spotted or picked up please call Ken Reid the canine control officer at 905 658-8712 or the owner Dan Creed 905 262-4766.


Lost male Airedale in Witchita Falls, Texas


March 7, 2011

Male Airedale with red collar. Very friendly. Coat not currently clipped for winter. Miss him very much!
Location: Rathgeber and Windthorst Road

Craigslist e-mail


Zion lost in southern Arizona near Wilcox, Arizona has been found!




Reno lost in Denver, Colorado has been reunited with his family!




Teddy lost in Frisco, Texas


March 5, 2011

Missing Airedale - Eldorado & Teel - Northridge / Greyhawk
Teddy ran away from pet sitter. If you see him, please call 972-510-9177


Virginia lost in Windham, Hew Hampshire has been found.




CJ lost in Port Allegany, Pennsylvania has been found.




Lost male Airedale and black Labin Nashville, Tennessee have been found.

Toby lost in Little Rock, Arkansas is reunited!

Tarzan lost in Las Vegas, Nevada


February 22, 2011

Lost Dog (Ann and Durango Area) 12 year old black and tan Airedale, roughly 110 pounds. He has a limp when walking. He answers to Tarzan and he resembles a teddy bear. If you find him or know of his where-a-bouts, Please contact : Marley 702-595-0439 or Andy 702-595-0436


Winston lost in Sacramento/Roseville area, California


February 19, 2011

Lost large Airedale terrier. Male. Short hair clip. Approximately 68 pounds. Answers to the name of Winston. Just had eye surgery...needs eye medicine. (dog tag says Lila)
call Diana Lance @ 916-712-9119 and leave a message. Lost on Saturday by Ross for Less and See's Candy. Has microchip and old dog tag - 5240 Westridge Ave. Auburn CA (moved). Reward
Location: Roseville - Clara Dr & Douglas Blvd.

Stolen Airedale Terrier - Tuskegee, Alabama


February 17, 2011

Stolen : Airedale Terrier Dog
Please contact me if you have seen a "new" Airedale around. Reward offered for recovery.

Craigslist e-mail -


Scotch lost in St. Paul, Minnesota is back home again!

Sadie Mae lost in Fresno, California


February 8, 2011

My Airedale ran off this morning when I opened the gate to pull in my drive way. She has a red collar on. Her name is Sadie Mae. She is a larger size dog. Please call if you have her or have seen her. Tammy 803-8993

Roxy lost in the Bevo Mill area of St. Louis, Missouri has been found!

Male and Female in Bakersfield, California, have been found.

Rocky lost in Coppell, Texas


February 2, 2011

Contact through FidoFinder

Alfie lost in Miami, Florida


February 1, 2011

Lost in Miami, female Airedale, 2-years old, black and tan, name is “Alfie”. She might be wearing a collar but is microchipped. She was lost in the area of S.W. 19th Avenue,…… Anyone in the area, please help us look for her. If found contact Bobbi Procyk at 561-744-3730 or or Andrea at 954-465-0699 or

Shayna missing in Kensington, Maryland has been found!


Toby lost in St. Louis, Missouri area has been found


Cody missing in Pasadena, Maryland


January 25, 2011

Our black and tan Aierdale Terrier "Cody" went missing yesterday in our community and is still not found. If anyone has him or has seen him please call 443-618-7886.


11 year old Airedale lost in Sarasota, Florida


January 22, 2011

Black and Tan 11 Year old Airdale terrier lost from Sarasota Golf Club Blvd. and S. Leewnn Drive. Call 379-2712 or 321-2896. REWARD.

Lost Airedale Las Vegas, New Mexico (Deer Springs/Campbell)


January 15, 2011

Airedale large fuzzy brown and black doggie. Please call 702-755-6909.

Yalo, the red Airedale lost in Tuscon, Arizona is back home!

Cache missing in DeValls Bluff, Arkansas


January 6, 2011

Cache (pronounced Cash) has been missing since Thursday, January 6. I believe someone may have mistaken him for a stray and picked him up. His ID tag had fallen off his collar. Cache liked to go up near the gravel road where hunters and out-of-town people often travel to get to hunting cabins.

Cache is about 1.5 years old, weighs approximately 65 pounds and is in healthy condition. He did break his leg about 7 months ago, but we had surgery and he has fully healed. He favors the leg on occasion. We miss him dearly. If found, please contact Lucas Childress at 501-516-1489, 501-850-6534, or 800-770-4888.

Big Guy lost in Stockton, California


January 3, 2011

Airedale terrier 332E tattooed in ear lost 12-31-2010 in the E. Stockton country area goes by the name of Big Guy,hard to catch by himself but easy to catch if with other dogs, he will not bite. He is perfect if you can get a leash onto him. HELP PLEASE! NO questions asked. $150 reward when I come pick him up. Call 209-467-0362 in Stockton.

Baxter from Bourne, Massachusetts is reunited!

Bentley lost in Milton, Vermont is safely home!

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