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Our volunteers, Bobbi Procyk, Cathy Biersack and Jeanne Combo, are contacts for any lost Airedales we are made aware of. If you need to contact them about a lost or found Airedale, click here. You may attach one photo. Thank you!  

Lost male Airedale, Clemmons, North Carolina

December 31, 2010

Locale: Millbridge Rd
Markings: black and brown
Additional: Cooper, has blue collar w/tag
Contact: 336 978-4705,

Eli lost in Moon Twp, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, is safely back home!

Mimzy lost in Colorado Springs, Colorado is back home safe and sound!

Female Airedale lost in Tulsa, Oklahoma has been found!

Athena lost in Tower Gardens, Maryland has been found!

Missing female Airedale, NW Redmond, Bend, Oregon

December 16, 2010

We are missing our loving family dog. She is a female Airedale who is 5 yrs. old. She does not wear a collar but is chipped. She went missing from NW 15th St. between Quince and Spruce Avenues. Please, please call (541)977-3711. Thank you.

Molly lost from Cedar Falls Iowa

December 12, 2010

Molly disappeared from our farm on Dec. 12 in a blizzard. Molly is about 75 pounds, and has a winter coat; trimmed face; very-well behaved; sweeet and loving. Her 4 legged friends and family miss her desperately.REWARD! 319-415-7762

Bogart Airedale & Welsh Terrier, Orono, Minnesota

December 11, 2010

2 dogs - Large Airedale/Bogart 6 years old and puppy/Welsh Terrier/Berkeley 9 months
Last seen 1:00 p.m. on Saturday December 11th. Contact Craigslist e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Rain lost in Kimball, Michigan, near Port Huron

November 28, 2010

Our furry friend has been missing since noon on Sunday 11/28. If you have seen her, please reply to this Craigslist e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
The dogs name is Rain. She looks like a Teddy bear and misbehaves like a pup. All help is welcomed-thank you.

Tessa lost in Sacramento, California has been found

Lucy lost in Huntington, West Virginia

November 21, 2010

Airedale Terrier lost in Lesage, Oak Hill Rd/Rt2 area!! Please help- she has a red collar on and answers to Lucy! Contact Craigslist e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Stolen Airedale, Morris-Cooper Regional area, Pennsylvania

November 18, 2010

Between Sunday and Tuesday someone stole a cow and a dog from John Hoffner's farm.
The cow, which is an all white Charlois steer/beef and has a yellow tag in its left ear with the No. 11 on it, was loaded onto a trailer. The dog, a black and brown, medium-sized Airdale with a red collar, was taken with its 30-foot chain.
Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 342-5621.

Josey lost in Stillwater, Minnesota

November 17, 2010

Our Airedale got out of the invisible fence area near Square Lake. She goes by the name Josey and will not be wearing a collar. Black and Tan weighing about 75 pounds. If you have her or have seen her please call 651-351-7025. Thanks, Bob

Bella is missing in the area north of Flint Michigan

November 15, 2010

Lost Airedale terrier. 45 pounds. Black and tan. Flippy ears and a docked tail. Female. answers to Bella. She is very sweet and very very missed. I am offering a reward. I love my dog and want her back. Please call me at 810-964-9323. Missing in area of Clio, Mt. Morris, Tuscola and Saginaw

Leecee and Owen missing in Byron/Fowlerville, Michigan have been reunited!

Ellie lost in Lexington, Kentucky is home safe and sound!


Missing Airedale Terrier (Waxahachie), Dallas, Texas area has been found.

Penny lost in Redmond, Oregon is reunited!

Mick lost in Eugene, Oregon has been found!


Watson lost in Missouri City, Texas, Houston area

October 29, 2010

Lost Airdale Terrier Near Gessner & Beltway 8 on Friday,

Airdale Terrier - Male - Named Watson. Lost on Friday in Colony Crossing Subdivision area. Brown and black in color, approximately 65 pounds. Had on red collar with tag when lost. He is a very important part of our family, so if found, please call 713-480-5672, or 713-480-5412 day or night. There is a reward for the return of our beloved pet.

Please, who ever have him please give him back to me. Please, who ever sees him please let me know. He has been missing for 4 months now. We had him for 8 years since he was 2 months old. This is no different than losing my own child...can't sleep, can't eat, can't work, can't do anything. I look at his bed and his bowls...I miss him so much. He is not neutered and is too old to have babies. Ww miss him...he means a lot to us. We will pay you to bring him back. PLEASE, PLEASE understand that he means everything to us. Please help me get him back. Thanks so much!

Lost in Sacramento, California (Elmhurst)

October 28, 2010

Recently adopted 2-year-old Airedale Terrier has made a break for it in the Elmhurst/Tahoe Park neighborhood tonight (10-27-2010). His name is Lucky and he is very friendly to both people and other dogs. He is not used to the neighborhood and is scared. If you see him please call (805)305-5515. He is a medium sized dog with black and brown curly hair. Thanks.

Daley in Tucson, Arizona, Reunited!

Lost Airedale in Sparta, Michigan

October 26, 2010

Missing DOG she is brown and black 65 pounds. She didn't have a collar on when she escaped the fence Friday 10/22/10. Female, 6 years old. Please Call us if you have seen her or have her! 616.690.6007 or 616.799.0836

The pic is old she was just shaved down last week (hence the reason for no collar) she looks a lot less fuzzy right now.

Airedale lost near Albuquerque, New Mexico has been found

Female Airedale lost in Tarentum, Pennsylvania

October 25, 2010

Our Airedale Terrier wandered off Sunday afternoon (10/24/2010) and hasn't come home yet. She broke her collar, so she has no tags on her. She is very tame and 10 months old, but weighs 60-80 pounds. We live in the Sarver, West Deer/Tarentum area Please call us with any leads. Thank you! James 724-352-1745.

Molly lost in Bloomington, Indiana has been found.

Max lost in Nashville, Tennessee has been found!

Lily lost in Susanville, California

October 17, 2010

My dear Airedale Terrier escaped from the dog walker Friday afternoon, Oct. 15th. She was last seen dragging her leash on the 395 from Leavitt Lake towards Johnstonville Road. Lily is 8 years old, brown with a black saddle, 85 to 90 pounds, hair is clipped short, ID tattooed in her ear, people shy and dog friendly. She has a medical problem and needs her medication. As for me, I am heartbroken, have been searching since her disappearance. Please help get Lily home.

If there are any search dogs in the area I would like to speak to someone about getting some help. Again, I am desperate to find my dog.

Janie 530-257-8049 or cell: 323-387-2683.

Karrie lost in Perry Sound, Ontario, Canada has been found

Buddy lost in Sanbornton, New Hampshire

October 7, 2010

Last seen Thursday morning 10/7 near Hunkins Pond in Sanbornton. Airdale Terrier named Buddy. Please call with any information: 617-968-8878. REWARD.

Breeze lost in Santa Barbara, California is reunited!

Lost Airedale and German Shepherd in Indianapolis, Indiana have been found

Airedale Buddy and min-pin Jordan lost in Sacramento, California

October 1, 2010

Airedale named Buddy weighs about 60 pounds, is black and rust in color, 4 years old.
The second is a min pin, female, red and tan in color, named Jordan, also 4 years old. These dogs are more like family members, we miss them dearly, if you have any details or info, please don't hesitate to call, Sam 916-308-2196.

Bliss lost in Twin Falls, Idaho

September 28, 2010

Lost big brown and black Airedale dog near the grain elevator right off the freeway in Bliss. She has an orange collar with no tags. Please call 280-0651 for any info. REWARD! Thanks!

Bear lost in Charlotte, North Carolina has been reunited with his family!

Bennie lost in Vancouver, British Columbia (Squamish) has been found

Yalo lost in Tucson, Arizona has been found!

Mack lost in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area

September 16, 2010

Our dog Mack, a 3½-year-old Airedale Terrier, was lost last night during a walk along the parkway. He is caramel-&-black colored, newly shorn, and trained: he'll sit, stay, lay, etc. upon command. He also answers to Mack-a-doodle and Doodle. Photos attached. The first two photos are of Mack himself, the last two are Google images of what a freshly-shorn Airedale would look like. If you see him, please feel free to pet him on the head & tell him that He's A Good Boy and call Marcus at (612) 237-6944. Thanks in advance for your help.

UPDATE: My Airedale Terrier, Mack, went missing about a week ago near the train yard off of California St. NE. He is non-neutered, 3-years old, about 55 pounds with a new haircut. He will respond to Mack or Doodle. Any info on him would be greatly appreciated, he has not shown up at any of the shelters/pounds, and I am afraid someone may have taken him. Please email me or contact Marcus at 612.237.6944. Thank you!

Rosie lost in Prince William County, Virginia has been reunited with her family!

Ludo lost in Oak Creek, Wsconsin

September 13, 2010

Ludo was lost in the Target (on Howell Ave) parking lot early Friday evening. He is very scared and unapproachable, though not aggressive. He is neutered and wearing a choke chain, and he is microchipped so can be easily brought home. IF YOU HAVE SEEN OR HAVE ANY INFORMATION REGARDING THIS DOG, PLEASE CONTACT ME IMMEDIATELY, DAY OR NIGHT....He is desperately missed and we are very worried about his safety...thank you!


Maggie lost in Akron, Canton, Stark County, Ohio was found.

Kylee lost in Charleston, South Carolina (Moncks Corners)

September 5, 2010

Lost Airedale - curly curly moppy rust & brown coloring - female answers to KYLEE! about 8 years old - looks like just had puppies but didn't!

Reply to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Tan female Airedale lost in Northport, Alabama

August 31, 2010

Tan Airedale Terrier. Female 3 years old. Wearing a pink collar.
Contact: Max Livingston
Phone number: (205) 865-679-5561
Area last seen: Northbrook Apartments Northport, AL

Missing Airedale Puppy Spokane Valley (Spokane), Washington

August 31, 2010

Missing Airedale puppy 8/31/2010. Children are crushed and he is only 9 months old. Please help us find him. He is wearing a black collar with metal stud. Docked tail. Craigslist e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Lost male Airedale Anchorage, Alaska

August 30, 2010

Lost our Airedale on Saturday morning. He is about 95 pounds, brown and black with thick curly hair. He is very friendly. Please call 315-7529 or 745-6042

Isis lost in Northglenn, Colorado (Denver area) is reunited with her family!

Riley lost in Colgate, North Dakota

August 16, 2010

Contact info on Fido Finder

Cooper lost in Oakmont/Penn Hills/Plum, Pennsylvania is home again!

Lost male Airedale Blacksburg/Check, Virginia

August 5, 2010

Lost male neutered Airedale with orange collar and tags. $500 reward for return. Please call 540-745-3800

Bella lost in Dresden, New York

August 2, 2010

Bella is a 2 year old Airedale and was last seen on July 3, 2010, in Dresdin, New York. Bella wandered off while visiting a family member and has not been seen by anyone. We fear someone may have picked her up and she cannot find her way home. She is very shy and timid but understands and follows commands well. 802 645-1936

Charlie lost in Norway, Illinois

July 31, 2010

Charlie is lost. Contact information on Fido Finder

Lost male Airedale in Canon City, Colorado

July 30, 2010

LOST - Airedale, male, 1 yr. old, black & rust colored, may be dragging a leather leash. Last seen on 7/10/10 east toward prison complex. 719-269-4650

Lost male Airedale in Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada has been reunited!

Lucy is lost in Glenview, Illinois (Chicago area)

July 23, 2010

Airedale Terrier lost in Glenview (around Golf & Washington). Her name is Lucy. 4.5 years old, about 60 pounds, color-black/brown, very friendly. No collar, but has a microchip.

If found, please call 773-315-1328

Savannah lost in Florence, Alabama

July 20, 2010

Lost female Airedale about 9 years old from the area of Helton Rd, Florence, AL.

Please call 330-334-5106



Airedale lost in Athens, Georgia, has been reunited with his family!

Lost Airedale and Standard Poodle in Mora, Minnesota

July 15, 2010

Our 2 family pets have been missing since Saturday night, July 10th. One was a beautiful Airedale 'intact' male. He is black and rust in color and was wearing a collar with no tags. He is young but still a bigger boy. He was looking quite nice with his recent grooming. The other one is a small-framed white standard poodle. She looks a bit goofy right now because she was shaved. She was also wearing a collar with no tags. Our boy has been diagnosed with all 3 types of Lymes Disease, and our girl has tested positive for Heartworm. They are both very affectionate pets that are also loved and missed. If you hear ANYTHING...please contact us. THANK YOU! Contact Marianne This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 320-679-2166

Abby lost in South Knoxville, Tennessee has been reunited!

Airedale lost in Stafford, Virginia area was found.

Lost Airedale in Canton, Michigan

July 6, 2010

Brandy ran away today. Please help us find her. She is 9 years old and scared of everything. She ran away from Brookside Village in Canton today, around Lotz and Cherry Hill area. She is brown, and has no collar. She is microchipped tho. 734-564-1260 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Lost Airedale in Gainesville, Florida

July 6, 2010

Lost on June 28th - Ran from home in the storms...
75 pounds, 10 years old, very friendly...

Gilchrist/High Springs/Blue Springs area

Black and tan, bearded. Contact craigslist e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Female Airedale lost in Tulsa, Oklahoma has been found!

Bo Bear lost in Killeen, Texas

July 4, 2010

Missing since July 4th evening. Location is off of Stan Schlueter behind Reeces Creek Elementary in the Jamesway/Trimmier Estates Subdivisions. Pretty sure the Fireworks made him houdini his way out of our backyard but really have no evidence of how he got out. Brown/Black curly haired coat. His name is 'BO' or 'BO BEAR'. He is neutered and has all his shots. Needs to take his medicine ASAP. Please call immediately if you can help in any way. We appreciate your time and will compensate for your time/help. Thanks 254-290-3581

Lost Airedale in Sparta, Michigan (Grand Rapids area) has found her way home!

Anna lost in Redmond, Oregon

July 4, 2010

We seem to have lost our dog. She got out some how from our completely fenced yard. 11-month old female Airedale. She has been trimmed recently and there are two spots by her ears that are semi bald (she moved during trimming).
We have not found her collar anywhere in the yard and are hoping she still has it on. She would also have either a red collar on (bark collar) or a black collar with a white device (sonic bark collar).
Her name is Anna. If you have her or have a seen her please respond to email or call 541-728-4428.

Fluffy lost in Spring Valley, Ohio has been reunited with her family!

Brigette lost in Dearborn Heights, Michigan (Detroit area)


July 3, 2010

Lost female Airedale puppy on Saturday, July 3 at approximately 10PM. She weighs approximately 36 pounds, is 19" tall at shoulders, is black and brown. She was wearing a pink collar and has a tag. Her name is Bridget. She is shy, pensive and has a mind of her own. If you find her, please call us at 313-530-7099 and 313-721-7346. She usually doesn't come when called. Was lost on Lafayette Street just south of Warren in Dearborn Heights. $520 reward!

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