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Our volunteers, Bobbi Procyk and Jeanne Combo, are contacts for any lost Airedales we are made aware of.  If you need to contact them about a lost or found Airedale, click here. You may attach one photo.  Thank you!  

Random lost in High Springs, Florida

June 29 , 2010

We lost our 10 year old Airedale - "Random" this morning from our home off Poe Springs Rd.  Random is a neutered male - weighing 75 pounds and very friendly.  If you see him, please call either Joan at 386-454-5249 (home) or 352-745-2457 (cell) or Jeri  at 561-707-8028.

Cambria lost in West Valley City, Utah has been reunited with her family!

Airedale Oorang and Stafford Pipe lost in Cleburne, Texas

June 23 , 2010

Very good dogs...need to find them...any info will help.  Contact or 817-726-7525 cell.  Call as soon as you see them.  You can put them in your yard until I get there..No problem.  Reward.

Male Airedale missing in Dacula, Georgia has been reunited with his family!

Male Airedale lost in Montreal, Canada

June 23 , 2010

Late evening my Airedale got scared of the fireworks in St. Sauveur.  Male, 2 1/2 years old.  Red checkered neck scarf. (514) 264-6063

Airedale Sherekahn and Doberman Gage missing in Turnagain, Alaska near Anchorage are safely at home!

Amy Lost in Missoula, Montana

June 18 , 2010

I lost my dog Amy around exit 22 Henderson on I90 on June 12 2010. She was wearing a blue collar with no tag. She is freshly groomed and weighs about 50 pounds. If you have any information please contact Brenda at 509-954-4847. Thank you!

Booker lost in Chino Hills, California

June 15, 2010

Contact info on FidoFinder

Alexander in Manteca, California has been found

Black female Airedale lost in Flagstaff, Arizona

June 13, 2010

Female Airedale, all black, is missing. She probably got out of the yard and attempted to follow her owner on Elden Springs Road and was picked up by a well meaning stranger. The time would have been around 6:15 pm on Friday. She was wearing a collar without tags. There is a reward to anyone locating her. Please call 526-8454

Airedale lost in Peachtree City, Atlanta, Georgia area

June 7, 2010

Lost Airedale terrier on south side of Peachtree City near Braelinn. Very friendly, please contact if found. 

Molly lost in Jacksonville, Oregon has been reunited with her family!

Elliott missing in Hamilton, Ontario has been reunited with his family!

Sam lost in Knoxville, Tennessee has been found!

Female Airedale lost in Flint, Michigan

May 21, 2010

Lost female Airedale missing since May 21 around Stouts Saginaw Street in Flint. Family was hoping she would find her way home but she hasn't she has a brown leather collar any info. Would help our family the kids miss her a lot. She is brownish red and black and well kept.

Airedale Sara lost with Great Pyrenees in the Ocoee area, Tennessee

May 22, 2010

The Great Pyrenees is named Majestic and is very large and friendly, he will jump on you so be careful but he has never tried to harm anyone, he will let you chain him up if you call him by name, he doesn't like for anyone to mess with his back legs or that area.
Next is Sara, she is very timid and easily scared, she is a black and tan Airedale Terrier and will most likely let you touch her if you pet majestic first, don't make any sudden moves around her or startle her as she has been known to bite in defense when she is scared. I don't have a picture of her but that picture is pretty much what she looks like, shes wearing a red harness.
I was away for about a week and while my brother was taking care of them he let Sara off her line to run and was going to take majestic for a walk but majestic pulled away when he was trying to put the leash on him, Sara never runs far but majestic does and that's why he has to be kept on a leash but i guess Sara is following him wherever they are.
If you have seen the dogs please contact me by email ( and I will give you my number so we can figure out how to get them back, they are both nice dogs but please be cautious around Sara, shes not aggressive or anything but will bite you if you forcefully try to restrain her. Oh and don't let them around other dogs, majestic tends to get very aggressive if any other dogs get near Sara and will protect her by any means necessary, i would recommend if you catch them to just tie them up to a tree or something.

Juno lost in Alamo Hgts/Olmos Basin, Texas has been reunited with her family!

Duke lost in Walton, Indiana, near Indianapolis

May 15, 2010

Lost 1 & 1/2 year old male Airedale Terrier on 5/15/2010 in Walton near County Roads 400 South and 850 East~~~ Close to the Sangralea Valley Soccer Field~~~ His name is Duke! He slipped his collar and took off for a joy run and has not returned home... my wife is devastated!!!! PLEASE if you see him or he shows up at your home call us at 574-626-3164 or 765-470-1269!!! He knows the commands of sit, and stay... He is currently wearing a shaved coat and his nails are painted a pinkish red ;-)

Reggie missing in Oxford, Michigan is reunited with his family!

Calvin missing in Limerick/Royersford, Pennsylvania area has been found!

Buddy lost in Seattle, Washington area is reunited with his family!

Clyde, an Airedale puppy, missing in West Fork Arkansas was found

Lost Airedale in Bakersfield, California

April 25, 2010

Lost Saturday evening 04/24/10. Male, brown and black Airedale terrier lives in Stine Rd and Taft Hwy area. Please reply to if you have found.

Brew lost in Greece, New York

April 20, 2010

Brew is a 10-year old female Airedale lost in Greece, New York.  Contact information can be found on Fido Finder.  You can also call Tim or Christine at 585-820-4266

Lost Airedale Terrier in Lawrence County, Huntsville, Alabama area

April 19, 2010

Last summer I rescued a female Airedale Terrier (big black and brown terrier) and found a home for her outside of Moulton. Recently I learned that after she was placed she ran away. I am trying to find out information about this wonderful dog. If she has a new home, please let me know. If you know anything about this dog, anything at all, please contact me. Thank you.

Lost male Airedale (Delaware / Maryland Rt 40 state line area)

April 17, 2010

Lost about 3:30 - 4:00 pm Saturday. Took off in woods. Chasing an animal. Very Friendly (Jimmy), State Line area behind William Chevrolet. Rosetree Hunt, DE -Turn-Quest homes, Chapel Run and Shady Pines, MD . Please call 302-545-9491

Zip, 11-year old male Airedale lost in Glenview, Illinois has been found!

Sam missing in Ridgefield, Connecticut

April 15, 2010

REWARD!! Our 10 year old Airedale Terrier, Sam, was stolen Wed., April 14th from Ridgefield, CT. He's Black & Tan, about 60 pounds and recently groomed. He has an infection and needs medical attention. As of June 1 Sam is still missing.

Please call us at 914-912-9279.

Samson lost in Ridgefield, Connecticut

April 14, 2010

Samson has been missing from his home in Ridgefield, CT since April 14, 2010

He is ten years old, is black and tan and had been recently groomed, weighs about 63 pounds, is very friendly with people and attracted to dog but doesn't always get along well with them. He is not food motivated. He was wearing a Martingale collar with an Kansas ATRA ID tag and is micro-chipped. Samson will answer to that name as well as Sam or Sammy.

Samson had some polyps removed from his rectum about four months ago leaving the area looking somewhat "odd". When lost he was bleeding from the rectum and scheduled for treatment.

If seen or found please contact:
Susie Lockwood  203-791-0099
Barbara Curtiss  860-927-3420
Terry Kratchman  913-393-3431

Amber lost in Reseda, California, Los Angeles area

April 12, 2010

Amber is about 5 to 6 years old and is golden brown and black. She is a family dog and I have had her since she was a puppy, if you see her walking around or see that someone else has her please call me at (818) 881 8741, (818) 421 3231.

Amber responds well to her name. She was last seen around Reseda Blvd and Vanowen St in Reseda. We all miss her very much and would appreciate your help. Thank You.  -Dana

Ellie lost in Topeka, Kansas has been found!

Bones lost in Statesboro, Georgia is reunited!

Casey missing in Delray, West Virginia

April 6, 2010

Casey is not just a dog she is part of our family!

Casey has been missing since March 13th!  Our neighboring freinds have searched their farms and we have searched the woods, there is NO sign of her. She had on a black collar. She is very freindly and would have gone to anyone, therefore we believe she could have been stolen. If you see our baby please call us!  304-496-7768

Cooper lost in Burley, Idaho

April 5, 2010

Reward offered for any information on my Airedale Terrier.  He is missing and missed greatly.  Please help us find him.  His name is Cooper.  My 1 and 2 year old miss him a lot.  He is on medication for a hernia.  Please contact Jessica 208-650-5075. If anyone knows where he is or has seen him, good or bad news, I need to know.  Thanks for your time.

Airedale lost in Redmond, Oregon (Bend area)

March 30, 2010

Lost our family dog on 35th and SW Metolius Ave. today sometime between 2:00-5:00pm. If you have seen her, please call (541)977-3711. She is black and brown long curly hair. Thank you.

Lost Female Airedale Oregon Coast (Nesika & Ophir area) has been found

Airedale lost in Santa Fe, New Mexico has been reunited with his family!

Gracie lost in West Hill, Washington has been reunited with her family!

Zack lost in Visalia, California

March 27, 2010

We lost our pet Zack. He is an older Airedale, curly black and tan large dog. We miss him. please email us Thanks for your help in finding him. He has a seizure disorder.

Angel lost in Gainesville, Florida has been reunited with her family!

Maceo lost in Cedar Springs, Michigan has been found

Obee lost in SE Houston, Texas has been reunited with his family!

Belle and Miley lost in Woodlands, Texas have been reunited with their family!

Mokie lost in Great River, New York has been reunited with his family!

Parker lost in Tacoma, Washington is reunited with his family!

Pitt Winocour lost in Dallas, Texas has been reunited with his family!

Lucas lost in the Baltimore, Maryland area has been reunited!

Lola of Lawrenceville, Georgia has been reunited with her family!

Tucker and Cooper of Oregon City, Oregon have been reunited with their family!

Connery lost in Atlanta, Georgia has been reunited with his family!

Rexx lost in Phoenix, Arizona

February 4, 2010

Lost terrier! (36th street and Cactus)

On Thursday (02/04/2010) my dog got out the our yard and we cannot find her. Her name is Rexx and she is an Airedale Terrier. Rexx is brown and black with fairly long legs. Unfortunately when she got out she was not wearing her collar. We live in the area of 36th street and Cactus. We miss her and would LOVE to have her home. My name is Christina, please feel free to contact me with any information that may help or if you know where she is. Thanks for any help in advance.
E-mail contact is on Craig's List

Airedale lost in Orlando, Florida has been reunited with his family!

Airedale and Pyrenees lost in Benton/Cleveland, Ohio area have been reunited with their family!

CoCo missing in South Billings, Montana

January 28, 2010

Our female Airedale was clipped by a car last Thursday and headed for the hills. She is spayed, black/rust colored, about 2 years old, and is without her collar. This happened by Riverside Jr. High and she headed East. Her name is CoCo, my name is Shawn, and I would be happy to pay a reward to have her back in my life. Please call me at 861-9820.

Two lost Airedales from Jupiter, Florida are home with their family!

Oliver is lost in Sedalia, Missouri

January 24, 2010

Oliver, Male, 10 months old, 50 pounds, black & tan. Vicinity of Rt. Y & Camp Branch Rd., Sedalia, MO on 1/24/10. Call (660) 827-3191 Sedalia is located SE of Sweet Springs, MO and SW of I-70

Ralph of SE Indiana/Cincinnati, Ohio area has been found

Tottie of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, has been reunited with her family!

Lost Airedale & Airedale Mix  Syracuse, New York (Manlius)

January 21, 2010

Lost earlier this evening - two male dogs. One is an Airedale, tan and grey with a very old red collar on, and the other is an Airedale mix, black with tan, no collar. Lost from Eagle Village area of Seneca Turnpike in Manlius. They are both extremely friendly. Please call 315-682-4853 with any information, day or night. Thanks so much for any help!!

Roland of Parrish, Florida has been found.

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