Lost Airedales

When we hear of a found Airedale, we will post the dog here and contact the local rescue group. Many times the local rescue group will take the Airedale into rescue while they continue to look for the owner.

Please know that after the legal waiting period, if no owner has been located and no one comes forward, the Airedale may come into rescue and be placed.


For suggestions on what to do if your dog is lost or if you have found a dog, click here.

If you would like a lost or found Airedale posted...

Our volunteers, Bobbi Procyk, Cathy Biersack and Jeanne Combo, are contacts for any lost Airedales we are made aware of. If you need to contact them about a lost or found Airedale, click here. You may attach one photo. Thank you!


Male found in Lutherville, Marylandfound-maryland-03-2013

Posted 03-30-2013

This male Airedale terrier wearing an electric fence collar was found yesterday. He came up to an apartment in Mays Chapel across from Padonia Park where two kind roommates are keeping him. Please call 443-653-2470 if he's yours or you recognize him. Very sweet boy who wants to go home. Thank you!

Female found in Sardinia, Ohioohio-found-03-2013

Posted 03-20-2013

Approximately 4 to 5 yrs. Very friendly If you recognize her, call 937-446-1447

Airedale found in Ypsilanti, Michigan

Posted 03-09-2013

Found large Male Airedale near Michigan ave and 94. He came running from ypsilanti-canton border area on michigan avenue. He was wearing a blue collar but no tags. We took him to the vet and he had no microchip. Dog is safe and warm. If this is your dog please contact us back.

Cragslist email: 2wdkt-3670712663@comm.craigslist.org

Airedale found in San Fernando Valley, Californiaamber-ca-found-2-2013

Posted 1-25-2013

Female Airedale Terrier, chipped, Named Amber (SF Valley)


Found on the corner of Victory and Reseda.

Dog is waiting for you at the East Valley Shelter!!! Please email me if this is your dog. tj2kr-3642771264@comm.craigslist.org


Airedale found in Many, Louisiana

Posted 02-11-2013

Young Male Airedale found today, February 11, near Many, LA near Intersection Hwy 6 and Hwy 171. Please contact Airedale Rescue in Louisiana at noladales at yahoo.com for additional information.

Airedale found in Canton, Ohio ohio-found-1-12-13

Posted 01-12-2013

Found an Airedale dog at the corner of Militia and Armistice in Foxchase Hill. We are close to Greenbriar at Ponteberry and Corrine. It has no tags or a collar.

Cragslist email: tqbbv-3540916116@comm.craigslist.org 

Airedale found in Lubbock, Texastexas-found-1-11-13

Posted 01-11-2013

I found him yesterday crossing 19th street from commanders palace to the nearby smokeshop. [This may be a Welsh Terrier .. looks too small to be an Airedale.]

Cragslist email: jksmm-3538987788@comm.craigslist.org

Airedale found in Houston, Texas

Posted 01-04-2013

FAITH - ID#A370281. Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services. Female, brown and black Airedale Terrier. The shelter staff think I am about 3 years old. I have been at the shelter since Jan 02, 2013. (281) 999-3191 http://www.petharbor.com/pet.asp?uaid=HRRS.A370281

Airedale found in Miami, Florida

posted - 1-01-13

Found in Kendall area. Please call 727-525-2203or email ctrumble@tampabay.rr.com and be able to describe.

Airedale found in Rogers, Arkansas

posted - 12-03-12

I found a sweet Airedale wandering down Bellview Road this morning. Please call me at 595-2199 and be able to describe. Just want to see this sweet dog reunited with its family!!!!

Ancaster, Ontario, Canada

posted - 10-19-12

Contact finder through this website: www.helpinglostpets.com/petdetail/?id=33143


Found male Airedale - Culver, Oregon

posted - 10-19-12

There was a found Airedale in Culver. he would love to go home! Please call the Madras shelter if you think you know who he is... 541 475 6889


Found male Airedale - Seattle, Washington

posted - 9-18-12

Followed home from walk by large Airdale or Airdale mix around mid day today. Not sure where initially saw dog-he was pestering us and my leashed dog did not like him. He followed behind us for about a mile. I kept shoeing him off and he would show up again. Orange collar, giant balls, no tags. Seemed fairly young . Was being picked up by Seattle Animal Shelter this afternoon. If anyone knows the owner of this dog please let them know if they have not already checked to check at the shelter on Elliot. They open to the public at noon on Wednesday. Craigslist e-mail - chj2w-3281156399@comm.craigslist.org


Found male Airedale or Airedale mix in Proctorville, Ohio

posted - 9-14-12

Found on Stanley Drive in Proctorville,/Rome area.

Looks like and Airedale Terrier or Airedale Terrier mix. Looks about to be 7 months old and looks like he has just gotten his hair cut.

Reply to dragonlake12@gmail.com if you think this is your dog. He did not have a collar, he is a little sweetheart.



Male Airedale found in Nashville, Tennessee area

posted - 8-11-2012

Found un-neutered male Airedale Terrier in the Stewart's Ferry area of Donelson. Please call 579-3892.



Male Airedale found in Seattle, Washington area

posted - 8-9-2012

Found a large male Airedale Terrier-type dog lingering in front of my house. He has a purple collar, but no tags. His face has a cut on one side. I have him fenced in my yard to avoid further injury, but I will not be able to bring him inside the house and will unfortunately have to involve animal control this evening if he is not claimed. Please contact me if you recognize this description. 206-913-2510 or 206-218-9885 or via email at crastayo@yahoo.com Thanks.



Male Airedale found in Birmingham, Alabama (Trussville area)

posted - 8-7-2012

Dog Found in Trussville.

This dog showed up at my house last night. He is a Terrier, maybe a Welsh Terrier or an Airedale Terrier. He does not have a collar but I think he may be an inside dog. Please help me find his owners.

Gary Sexton
(205) 602-1578



Male Airedale found in Raleigh, North Carolina

posted - 8-5-2012

Found 8/5/12, a male dog. He looks like an Airedale. He is very skinny and friendly and doing fine. Craigslist e-mail - kc2td-3186430710@comm.craigslist.org



Found female Airedale in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

posted - 8-3-2012

Very sweet, short haircut, not wearing a collar, 40-45 pounds 414-737-9359



Found Airedale, Antioch/Pittsburg, California (Bay Area)

posted - 8-2-2012

Found an Airedale, male this morning 8/2/12 on Leland near the park in Pittsburg. if this is your dog email me and I will give him back to you. I will want a picture or some evidence that he was yours.
Thank you! Craigslist e-mail - v6fbq-3179465771@comm.craigslist.org



Found Airedale and another

Airedale spotted in Laconia, New Hampshire

posted - 8-1-2012

Sighted in New Hampshire. Heather Estlow reports: I am in Laconia, NH on vacation and we were driving home from Weirs Beach, and lo and behold, there was a loose Airedale running scared down the middle of the road!! We stopped and got out but it ran into the woods!! It was curious about us but would not come. It finally came out of the woods further down and kept running. I'm not sure if it was male or female. I couldn't tell if it had a collar because it was so wooly. It had a longer, but not full tail. We saw it close to the Tamarack. I hope someone is looking for this poor dog. It was definitely scared. We will be here until Sunday morning.



Found Airedale and another dog in San Angelo, Texas

posted - 7-27-2012

looks like an Airedale Terrier and a smaller dog maybe a mix? But I am thinking a puppy. Found on South Monroe St. No phone number to call but has its vet tags so I will call them in the morning. Please call at 480-FIVE-77-SIX-65-NINE if they are yours or if you know whose they are



Loose Airedale spotted near Burlington, Vermont

posted - 7-27-2012

I saw a med-large size dog eating on the side of route 91 south this morning. It was about 1-2 miles after the Woodstock exit.
He was black and tan. I looked up the breed of the closest he looks like and I would say he is an airdale terrier. Very pretty dog.
It was about 7:45 am.



Airedale found in Sanford, North Carolina

posted - 7-25-2012

Found on 7-23-12. FidoFinder contact fidofinder.com/dog.php?id=337159



Airedale found in Berkey, Ohio (NW Toledo area)

posted - 7-24-2012

This morning I was greeted by this male Airedale in my driveway. He had on a collar that was orange with a blue strip and matching walking lead. 419-356-6248



Airedale found in West Baton Rouge, Louisiana

posted - 7-11-2012

Please call to identify 504-899-8501




For suggestions on what to do if your dog is lost or if you have found a dog, click here

Our volunteers, Bobbi Procyk, Cathy Biersack and Sidney Hardie, are contacts for any lost or found Airedales we are made aware of. If you need to contact them about a lost or found Airedale, click here. Thank you!

If your dog has slipped his or her collar or escaped from the yard, you usually become quite emotional and may not be thinking as clearly as you should. Take a moment to look at some of the suggestions given below to help give you a clear plan of action to do everything you can to find your furry friend.






Pet Microchip Lookup Tool:  www.petmicrochiplookup.org



Keep Your Dog from Getting Lost:  Keeping Your Dog Safe


  • several rolls of tape for putting up posters
  • extra leashes to hand out to volunteers willing to search
  • a form in your computer to quickly do a lost dog poster (At 3 AM you don't want to have to think about font size)
  • a good picture of every dog you own, foster or rescue
  • the names and phone numbers of the area vets, area shelters, microchip companies, and good friends that owe you a favor


Checklist for Finding Your Lost Dog

Print this page on your computer printer and you are ready to start! Don't wait, do it now!

  1. Place food, water and familiar items outside, in the area where your dog went missing from, or was last seen. (e.g. dog kennel, dog bed, blanket, your coat, or anything that has your scent on it) Continue to keep food & familiar items out in that area, until dog is found.
    • Make noise as you are walking the neighborhood: Call your dog's name, squeak a favorite toy, shake his box of treats.
    • Stop regularly, be quiet and listen.
    • Carry a powerful flashlight (even in daylight) to check under cars, porches and other dark spots.
  2. Create a Lost Pet posterusing a recent photograph of your pet and print at least 100 copies at a local print shop.  Keep it short and use the largest lettering that will fit on an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet.   Do this whether or not you have a recent photo of your pet.
    • In this step and all others, include not only your telephone number, but the number of someone who can be contacted if you can't be reached. Do not disclose your name or address.
    • In your description, include "Large Black & Tan Dog" for people who have no idea what an Airedale looks like.
    • If your dog was groomed when lost and it has been several weeks, replace the posters with one also containing a picture of an ungroomed Airedale.
  3. Distribute the posters within a one-mile radius, starting with your neighbors.  Ask them to check garages, in and behind storage sheds, under steps .. anywhere that might have been accessible at the time your dog was lost.  If they have a surveillance camera, ask them to check to see if your dog was seen and find out which direction he was headed.

    Start expanding the flyer area if no sightings are reported. Place them in convenience markets, gas stations, laundromats, veterinarians, etc. Give a copy to every school-age child you can. Make sure to give a copy to your mailman. Be sure to alert people not to pursue or chase your dog, if he/she does not come to them, but to call you with a time and exact location of where the dog was seen. (This step has proven to be very successful in bringing many lost dogs home)

  4. Call your local municipal Animal Control Shelter at ____________________________ and give them information on your lost pet.
  5. Call the local Humane Society and file a Lost Pet Report with their Lost & Found Department at ___________________________ .                      
  6. Place an ad in the local newspaper Lost & Found, at __________________________ .                    
  7. Check your newspaper Lost & Found section daily.
  8. If your pet has a microchip or tattoo, call the microchip companies.  Call Home Again at 1-866-738-4324, AKC Companion Animal Recovery at 1-800-252-7894 and 24PetWatch at 1-866-597-2424. Have the microchip or tattoo identification number handy. It doesn't matter what brand of microchip you have implanted and call even if you are already registered just to make sure your telephone numbers are current. If your dog has an Avid microchip, also call Avid at 1-800-336-2843.

  9. Make poster size signs and post at nearby intersections and in front of home where dog went missing from. Be sure to use bright colored poster board and make the letters large enough for drivers to see.

  10. Post a Lost Dog Ad on internet sites: The most popular are NextDoor and Craigslist. Post in the lost and found section as well as pet section.

    Use a descriptive Ad title (Lost Dog, Large Black & Tan Terrier) also in your ads description post as much information as possible including where he was last seen and the best picture you can find.

    Post on the Facebook lost and found dog groups for your area. Place a Lost Dog Ad in your community newspaper. Be sure to post under lost and found in the classified section. You may also want to contact local radio stations, some will make a free public announcement of missing dog!

  11. Once you get a reported sighting of your dog
    • Go to the area with food & leash. Remain calm. As soon as you see your dog, lower your body down to the ground and use familiar – positive words like “treat” or “go for walk” etc. If your dog is normally a little shy around strangers, he or she may not even come to you right away! If this is the case, we recommend that you place strong smelling food, like canned tuna, and familiar items with your scent on it…near the area right away!!…and alert everyone not to pursue the dog, if seen.

    • The goal is to keep your dog in that area. If food, water, & shelter are easily accessible for him/her and is not forced to run, out of fear, most likely your dog will stay near-by…then you have the opportunity to try different techniques used to lure and safely catch your dog.
  12. Do not rely on shelter workers to properly identify an Airedale.
    • Find out the holding period of each animal control and humane shelter. Be aware of how much time you have to claim your pet before it can be adopted or euthanized!
    • Even if your dog was wearing a collar and tags when lost, don't assume he is still wearing them. If the holding period for a dog without tags is three days, you or a family member should visit every two days.
    • Don't give up. Someone may hold your dog for several days or weeks before turning the dog over to the shelter.
  13. Notify the Regional Rescue Volunteers in your area.

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