Are older Airedales adaptable into new environments? When is a rescue or older dog a good choice for me?

Reprinted with permission from Kathy Dowd and Lori Valentine

Airedales are very adaptable into new environments. Like most animals, they respond very well to loving and structured situations. Older dogs are sometimes more desirable for a specific situation than puppies. One example is a family or person that simply doesn't want to deal with housebreaking a puppy. Maybe you are a little older and want the companionship of a dog but not the energy of a puppy. What if you are a jogger and want a companion? (It is not advisable for a young puppy to jog!) There are lots of situations where an older animal may be a better fit into your home.

Older animals may include rescues (for whatever reason) or older animals that a breeder may desire to place into a good home. Always get as much background on an animal as possible. Medical information should be provided. If you think that an older animal is better for you, then you must also consider the "retraining" that may be needed. Training could vary to include housebreaking or teaching the animal that even though it was OK to sleep on the couch at the old house, the rules here are, on the dog bed in front of the fireplace.

Cindy Tittle Moore's "Your New Dog" has helpful hints and considerations if you think an older puppy or dog might be right for you.

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